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Mastering the Art of Collaboration in Real Estate

In the latest issue of Smart Agents Magazine, we had the pleasure of featuring Rick Janson, a Denver-based real estate ...

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Just Published! The New & Improved Smart Agents Magazine!

We're thrilled to announce the inaugural issue of the new Smart Agents Magazine, full of insights and strategies designed to ...

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The #1 Mistake Real Estate Agents Make On Their Listing Presentation & How To Fix It

As a real estate agent, winning listings is key to growing your business. But, many agents make a common mistake ...

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How To Generate 100+ Real Estate Listing Leads in 5 Minutes

If you're a real estate agent looking to quickly flood your business with listing leads, then you'll want to keep ...

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The 10 Best Real Estate Listing Leads For EASY Listings

From pre-foreclosures and FSBOs, to vacant and inherited homes, each lead source has its own unique advantages. Most listing strategies ...

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5 Reasons Your Real Estate Marketing Fails (And How To Fix It)

Have you ever had a real estate marketing campaign fail? There are five common reasons that most real estate marketing ...

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2022 Goal Planning - Tracking and Adjusting for Your Goals

Are you ready for 2022? Let us help you. In part 2 of this blog, we'll share how to keep track of ...

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yearly goals

2022 Goal Planning - Establish and Break Down Your Goals

Are you ready for 2022? Let us help you. It's time to figure out your goals and how you'll tackle them ...

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Episode 158

Bookkeeping Tips For Maximizing Profit In Real Estate

September 25, 2023 • 3 days ago

“Make it a habit at the end of every day, look at what you spent and track it." 

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Episode 157

Grinding All The Way To The Top

September 18, 2023 • 1 week ago

“My manifestation was to be the number one agent in the country." 

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Episode 156

Focusing Intention To Achieve Ultimate Success

September 11, 2023 • 2 weeks ago

“If you want to be a master in the space, you've got to bring the heat. You've got to get ...

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Episode 155

Shifting Your Subconscious Mindset To Find Real Estate Success

September 04, 2023 • 3 weeks ago

“By the end of 2023, up to 50% of Realtors will go out and do something else... what really is going to ...

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