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The 10 Best Real Estate Listing Leads For EASY Listings

Jan 25, 2023 8:16:31 AM

From pre-foreclosures and FSBOs, to vacant and inherited homes, each lead source has its own unique advantages. Most listing strategies don't work because they're too competitive. 

We've tried out dozens of different strategies and these are the best strategies that work without having to do fancy objection handling or being pushy.

So, here are my ten best listing lead sources.

Number Ten: Pre-Foreclosures

A lot of these sellers' backs are against the wall. And once the foreclosure auction date is scheduled they get super motivated because they want to sell before the bank forecloses on their house. So, here's an insider tip. Target your marketing towards the people who have an auction date scheduled, because they're the most motivated. And, don't think that a good economy means there are no foreclosures. There are always foreclosures in both good and bad economies. And, because most agents think there are no foreclosures, that means you'll have even less competition.

Number Nine: FSBOs 

For Sale By Owners are great because you have time to build a relationship with the seller. If you take the long-game approach and offer help, you can stand out from everyone else and easily win the listing. For more on listing FSBOs, check out The Ultimate Guide For Turning FSBOs Into Listings.

Number Eight: Your Neighborhood

You should farm your neighborhood. Or, if you don't want to do that, most of us don't, then at least work the listing leads in your neighborhood. I'm talking about Vacant Homes, Vacant Lots, and Vacant Land in your neighborhood. If you live in a rural area, there will be vacant land. These listings are easy to get and you can use them to get signs up in your neighborhood and build your brand and credibility there. Then, it will be easier for you to dominate your neighborhood.

Number Seven: Expireds and Withdrawns

Expired leads are great, and you can win the listing if you decide to master them and give yourself every advantage possible. That being said, we've probably all had a bad experience with an expired home seller. After all, they're frustrated because they're getting bombarded by aggressive real estate agents, and by the time you try to approach them with a helpful, calm rapport, they’re already feeling a bit jaded. It can be the perfect storm for disaster. But on the flip side, expireds can be a quick listing opportunity if you approach them correctly.

Here's an insider tip for Expireds. Go after the old expireds. Look at homes that expired two years ago, three years ago, four, five, or even six years ago. Many of those sellers still want to sell and will put their homes on the market today if you reach out to them.

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Number Six: People who are behind on their property taxes

This is a big niche. You can get the leads from your local tax assessor's office. Just contact their office and ask them for the leads. Then, start contacting the sellers and show them how you can help them pay off their tax debt and put some money in their pockets. Most of these sellers don't even live in the house, so they're easy to list.

Number Five: Evictions

A lot of small-time landlords own just one or two rental homes. And when they get burned by a bad tenant, they often give up on being a landlord and simply decide to sell their rental home instead of renting it again. These are great listings for you because they have plenty of equity and they're motivated. You can get eviction leads from your local courthouse. Then, reach out to see if they're interested in selling.

Number Four: Divorces

This may be a controversial listing niche, but it's actually ok because these sellers need your help. Sixty-one percent of all divorces sell their home after a divorce, making it a huge and evergreen listings niche. And, here's an Insider Tip: Build relationships with Divorce Attorneys so you can get listings in your sleep.

Number Three: Vacant Land and Vacant Lots

These list super fast, many of the sellers are out of town, so they don't know anyone in the area, they’re easy to sell, the closings are super easy, and even though the commissions are smaller, it's a great way to put your signs up all over town and dominate your market.

Number Two: Inherited homes 

This may be a little controversial, but it's actually ok because you’re saving them from greedy investors who just want to flip their house for a quick profit. You can find the leads by looking up obituaries, and here's an Insider Tip: Build relationships with Probate Attorneys so you can get listings in your sleep.

Number One: Vacant Homes

There are thousands of these in every market, and many of the sellers are out of town, so you have no competition, and about twenty percent of them are interested in selling. So, you can get a lot of listings and build up your brand in your market.

I recommend picking one lead source and mastering it. As the old saying goes, the person who chases two rabbits catches none. When you focus on something, you're more likely to win. And once you master one lead source, you can then master another one and stack them. That's how you take over your market and dominate. So, pick one lead source and get started.

Would you like even more tips for getting listings? I have a Free Guide titled 27 Ways To Get Listings.

Claim it now so you can set yourself up for even more listings in the future! 

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