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14 Cheap Ways to Build Your Real Estate Brand Using Guerrilla Marketing

Aug 27, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Guerrilla marketing might sound intimidating, but it's really just another way of saying "out of the box" marketing.

It's a marketing approach that makes you stand out from your competition because your competition most likely isn't doing it.  

There are countless opportunities to do this type of marketing locally.

So let's start out by explaining a little more what guerrilla marketing is. According to coursehero.com, it is:

An advertisement strategy concept designed for businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget to spend.

When you obtain leads through guerrilla marketing, home sellers will have confidence in your ability to sell their homes using unique marketing strategies, as well.  

Plus, it's a great way to save money by skipping the traditional billboards or printed/online advertisements. Here are some ideas.

Door Drop-off Ideas To Build Your Brand
In A Specific Neighborhood

Going around neighborhoods in your area and dropping off funny or useful items door to door is a great way to grab attention.

Drop off 100 or so seed packets with your information and say, “Plant your business with me, and I will help you grow many happy memories.”

Place a business card inside the credit card slot on each gas station pump. Eventually, the card will be looked at by someone. Do this each time you get gas.

Send out earplugs to hundreds of houses and write “Have you heard the market’s bad? You’re listening to the wrong people. Call your local expert.” 

There are a lot of different options you can use for this type of promotion.

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Hold Contests That Grow Your Social Media Presence For Free

The possibilities are endless for this, as well. You can run a contest for just about anything and promote it on your platforms. Cutest baby picture, messiest kitchen, anything involving pets, the list can go on and on.

Cutest baby picture, dirtiest kitchen, anything involving pets, the list can go on and on.

Then you can announce the winner of the contest on your platforms and give out a simple prize. This is an easy way to get noticed for more than just real estate. Have everyone submit their pictures with a hashtag.

You're going to build up your online presence with this and can even form business relationships with the stores or restaurants.

Then you can exchange ads with them later.

Offer Discounts to Employees of Your Favorite Restaurants

This is another great way to stay in front of your community. Offer local restaurant or stores employees a special discount and see how popular you become in those places.

Then they should be quick to refer you or let you place a sign in their place. 

We've seen agents with ads on menus or mugs. This can lead to that.

Be the First to Welcome New Businesses and Be the First to Advertise There

Send a welcome basket to new places. 

This will get you in first and later they will let you put up ads on walls. It can get you on the inside track for buying some ad space, whether it is on a coffee mug or a menu.

Local businesses are a staple of local marketing, and guerrilla marketing is a great way to work with them in different ways.

Post Pictures of Your Happy Customers on Your Social Media

You can even put these pictures in the local business.

This is a quick and simple way to show your successes. It almost works like a testimonial.

Have a Customer of the Month Award

Give them a certificate and a $50 gift card.

Place pictures of it on marketing material and your social media. It is going to show potential clients what kind of extraordinary service you offer.

People want to list with someone who will treat them this well. This will increase your referral rates. 

Host a Monthly Sales Brainstorming Meeting

This is another way to paint yourself as the expert. Go over sales ideas and techniques with people in different sales industries.

This can also serve as an excellent way to get new insight for yourself on different things.

Bring some articles and other information on successful sales tactics. You want to be known as the expert in real estate - and sales is a big part of this.

Make a Music Video or a Comedy Skit

Thinking outside the box for publicity and views is needed in today’s market. Putting together a creative or funny video with you or your firm is an outside the box way to gain attention.

Realtors who go viral start off with a familiar relationship with any leads.

The more you’re seen and known in your community, the better.

Especially if you offer a look into your daily life and business. This is how you start off with trust in your relationship.

The most important thing to do is to make it memorable. When you accomplish this then you can stick in someone’s mind, then when you talk to them, they will remember you.

Sponsor a Local Sports Team

Teams are always looking for a sponsor to buy their jerseys.

Usually, your logo, name, and contact information can go on the back of their jerseys.

This is even better if it’s a youth team since their parents will be watching. It increases your presence in that community a lot.

Send Holiday Cards to Past Customers

The effort you put into making a holiday card and sending it will go a long way with your real estate clients. Holidays are the perfect time to stay in touch with your past clients. It will increase your chances for referrals substantially.

If they aren’t past clients sending out a letter introducing yourself and talking about your love for the area while wishing a happy Thanksgiving is a nice touch.

Give Out T-Shirts With Your Logo and Website and Let Others Market For You

This is generally the same idea as sponsoring a team. People love free things, and more will wear your t-shirt than you might think.

Start off by sending them and passing them out to your former clients and your sphere of influence. Then go out into your community and hand these out.

Have a Potluck for Your Past Customers To Stay In Touch

This is another way to stay close to your past clients. Make it a unique theme. International or movie night.

After, ask them to give your information out to anyone who needs it. Most of the time people will be willing to return the favor.

Organize A Community Yard Sale At Your Office

Bring people out to your office with this idea.

You can even have all the proceeds go to charity. That will bring even more people out.

Do an Open House Raffle to Raise Attendance and Get Leads

When you have an open house, collect contact information and place them into a raffle. The prize can be a gift card or anything you want.

Advertise the open house as having a $100 raffle. Hopefully, this drives more people there, and you will gain a bunch of leads from it.

The results are going to be very difficult to measure. This is more about getting notoriety and becoming someone who is well-thought of and well-known in the community.


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