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Case Study: Realtor Gets Listing from Dentist Waiting Room

Aug 31, 2017 4:16:23 PM

For this week's interview, Ben talked to a member who just started to use her books. Lorena already turned them into two quick listings by placing them in waiting rooms.

In the interview they go over:

  • Why and where she placed all her books.
  • How this turned to a listing (and then a second.)
  • How the books let people follow up with her.
  • She got 4 requests for the book when she offered the books out on FB.


Full Interview:


Lorena: Yes, the first set of books that I got, I gave it to the people that serve me, like my dentist, my hairdresser, my nail lady, all the people that servicing me.

And then I went to my regular dentist appointment, so the office manager (a lady) told me, "The dentist told me you have a book that you sell houses." I said, "Yes, I do." "Well, I have a house for sale, so why don't you come over to my house?"

So we made an appointment for about three or four days later. So when I arrived to her house, according to her address, I had already prepared a quick CMA, and I put a book for her as well.

So I was talking to her and her husband about what I do, and they happened to be the pastors of the church. So they told me they want to sell their house and the church.

Smart Agents: Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Okay.

Lorena: So I thought, "Okay!" I opened my folder and let them know what I could do for you, and I had an autographed book for them as well, so the pastor was very interested. "Oh, good. I'm glad we find you. We'll read the book." In fact, I'm just coming back from doing some paperwork for them as well.

So when you sent your email that I sent the book , they refer it. My dentist talk about it to the employees and then the office manager called me.

Smart Agents: Okay. Wow.

Lorena: So that was good. So next on my list, I'm still working on my Facebook adds and I'll be working on my expired adds, but I think the ... just like you were saying, the first thing is give it the people that you know already.

Smart Agents: Yeah, give it away to people that you know. Okay. So, did you end up listing the dentist's house?

Lorena: Not the dentist's house. Oh, you say dentist? Office manager.

Smart Agents: Oh, did you list the office manager's house?

Lorena: The office manager's house and the church.

Smart Agents: Oh, wow. What was the ... what did you list the office manager's house for? Like what price?

Lorena: The house is for five hundred.

Smart Agents: Oh wow.

Lorena: Yeah, five hundred thousand. Yes. It's a big six bedroom house in a nice neighborhood in Denver.

Smart Agents: Oh wow. Okay. Fascinating. And that was ... Did you know the office ... did you give the office manager a book or did you give it to the actual dentist?

Lorena: To the dentist. Okay, let me back up. I went to my regular visit to my dentist and he usually asks me, "How is the market?"

Smart Agents: Yes.

Lorena: fine." I responded that, I've been busy writing a book that I have been using a ghostwriter and I have a book and is it okay if I mail the book to him. "Yes." You know, two days later I mailed him a book.

[inaudible 00:04:04] So, he in turn talked to his employees about the book.

Smart Agents: Ah, okay.

Lorena: And the office manager contact me from that.

Smart Agents: Okay.

Lorena: So, once I went to see the office manager's house, this lady, then I gave her another a book.

Smart Agents: Okay, wow that's amazing. So, so far you've gotten ... you have the office manager's house listing. What are they selling the church for?

Lorena: The church listing I know whatI'm gonna co-list it with a commercial person. We're gonna list it for just under nine hundred thousand.

Smart Agents: Oh wow. Okay. Have you gotten any other business from the book besides that?

Lorena: Not yet. So, I'm still distributing my book. I always carry some in my purse. But I did good. I did made my Facebook page as an author only. Then I went and shared it with all my families and my sphere of influence, so they could like the page. And I had four requests for books that they went to the website, you know they click on the add, they went to the website and requested the book already.

Smart Agents: Oh wow.

Lorena: So, I thought that was pretty neat. I did mail the books already, so it's just a matter of following up. But it was probably within hours that I shared it with everybody and I got an email saying you have a lead. You know, "Oh, okay."

Smart Agents: Okay. You shared it on Facebook, you said? And you got four requests for it off of Facebook?

Lorena: Yes, just following your instructions and I think I called one time one of your technical persons. I did my Facebook author. I put an ad. I did my banner and I make sure the banner is linked to the Smart Agent website that you created for us. And I share it. So, I have four people going through the link and signing up and requesting a book.

Smart Agents: Oh wow. Amazing. Okay, cool. That's pretty good. So, mostly you haven't like used it to work FSBOs or expires, but you've really gotten good results from your people you know, like your sphere of influence and maybe some past clients.

Lorena: Just from my sphere of influence, yes.

Smart Agents: Excellent.

Lorena: That's my strategy when I started the book. Okay, I'm gonna start with people that knows me and then make sure I start with the Facebook add and then in fact this week is my plan of okay, now this week I'm going to start the expires. Cause I have seen your blogs on everything to work on the expires.

Smart Agents: Ah, okay. So, tell me a little bit more. Whenever you met with the office manager to talk to her, did they talk much about the book? Like what was their reaction to them receiving the book?

Lorena: Once I went to her house, she told me that her boss shared that I had written a book about selling houses. So, I told them, "Yeah, I'm an agent. I buy and sell houses". So, then she told me, "We want you to sell the house over here and if everything works out we have a church that we want you to sell."

So, I always have a folder with my information, like a listing agent. But instead of a full-blown presentation, I had the book, I have a brochure about me and I have the marketing checklist that you have with expires. I put that one in there already personalized with my information. So, the pastor saw the book right away and he took it, might be curious right there.

He started looking at it. I'm gonna do all these things, selling your house and selling the church. So they were very impressed by that.

Smart Agents: Oh, wow. Okay. What was it you put in there? You put the expired what?

Lorena: The marketing lead that you have with the expired package. The one that has the check up, the check marks.

Smart Agents: Ah, the marketing checklist. Yes, okay.

Lorena: Yeah.

Smart Agents: Excellent. Okay. Wow, that's cool. Which books have you used so far? Like, which specific versions?

Lorena: I only have two right now. The third book, The Secret of Wealthy Home Sellers.

Smart Agents: Yep. Okay.

Lorena: And then I have the First Time Home Buyers. So I have two so far.

Smart Agents: Excellent. Okay. So, what ... Have the books helped you overcome any specific obstacles? Or how have they made your business a little bit easier?

Lorena: Well, it puts me as an authority and I let the book sell myself instead of me repeating or having a thirty-second introduction. I just tell them, "Here, I have a book". And that's all. They read the front. They read the back and they take it.

Smart Agents: Okay. Yeah. So, rather than having to do a big sales pitch on who you are, why you're so good, you just give them the book and that does the same thing.

Lorena: Yes.

Smart Agents: Okay. That's a good idea. Okay. And how ... Now these listings you've got, how likely is it that you think the dentist ... the office manager's house is gonna sell, the five hundred thousand dollar house? Is it pretty likely? Is it priced well?

Lorena: The hot market in Denver it's likely that they're gonna be under contract within thirty days. Yes.

Smart Agents: Oh wow.

Lorena: The church, because it is a commercial unit, is probably going to take a little bit longer. But with my commercial agent, he probably says between four to six months.

Smart Agents: Oh wow. Okay. That's awesome. Okay. And did they list at a regular commission? Did they beat you up on the commission at all?

Lorena: No. Regular commission. You know this is my listing, this is how much I charge. "Okay, no problem." The commission was not an issue at all.

Smart Agents: That's great. Okay. Do you think the book helped out with that or they probably would've listed with you like that anyways?

Lorena: I think the book helped because they already see how many ... they already justify the commission with the listings that I took for them. I mean they are, what, fifteen things that I do in the book.

Smart Agents: Ah, okay. Did they read through the whole book or do you think they read through it?

Lorena: I don't if they have been reading through it. It is the second time ... Today was the second time that I met them. I made sure I read the book too in case they ask for. Yes, and I'm not sure if they read it. But they have it.

One of the best methods we use at Smart Agents to separate yourself is books. Books have a huge perceived value. They don’t get thrown away.

They can get tucked away somewhere, but most people aren’t going to toss them in the trash. They’re worth something, and they’re worth something to the author’s name.

Do this and you will position yourself as the authority in your market. When you give away your book, it will separate you from your competition. That’s how a smart agent thinks!

Want to get a free sample of the book that will get you more listings? Click the link below.


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