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Chats with Industry Insiders: OhGuests Takes Your Open Houses to the Next Level

Dec 5, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Open Houses aren't always a big hit with agents, but OhGuests is here to help take them to the next level, as well as increase the number of leads you get! 

Are you interested in turning one open house into more listings instead of just an obligation that you dread before every sale? Now, there's an easy way you can collect information, leverage the information and have it all run seamlessly, whether there are five hundred people at that open house or only five. 

I spoke to Ron Schurr, founder and CEO at OhGuests.com, about how to take your open houses to the next level and earn even more listings from each one. 

We believe we're the most powerful open house management software on the market today,” Schurr says. “We're not just a sign-in sheet; we're a sign-in sheet on steroids, so to speak. OhGuests will not only give you a sign-in sheet for open house attendees and appropriate questionnaires, it is a full-fledged management tool.”

Curious about what exactly OhGuests can do for you? Here is a quick list that Schurr shared with us — basically everything from sign-ins in real time to safety features. 

  • Contact information that you can follow up with later - Use the data gathered from OhGuests to reach out to your list over and over with other marketing tools. You can also implement your contact list and auto-send invitations to open houses. 
  • Real time management for brokers and fellow agents - Know who’s at the open house, what time they arrived and what time they left! 
  • Social media marketing - Need to reach your social media followers with information on your open house? OhGuests makes it doable with one click. 
  • Digital sign-in - Stop dealing with other people’s awful handwriting at open houses. OhGuests makes everything legible and usable for later! 
  • Safety features - Agents will never again have to feel uncomfortable at an open house with OhGuests. A simple click sets off an alarm designed to send an alert to five colleagues (or emergency responders, if necessary), and geo-tracking makes it easy to find the house in a hurry. Even if your tablet gets stolen, you can send the alert from a keychain.

“Our solution is very cost effective,” Schurr says. “We believe in our platform, which offers over 66 different functions.”

Schurr offers the safety component, usually an additional cost, for free to buyer’s agents to ensure they stay safe at the number of open houses they attend with their buyers. 

Never again get frustrated with yourself for not managing to obtain 40 email addresses during a busy open house — just have OhGuests take care of everything for you with its automated software. 

“We are translated into over sixty different languages,” Scherr points out. “Agents can go ahead and sign up at any time, anywhere, any place in the world. We're a global company.”

To use OhGuests software at your next open house, go ahead and order this kiosk from Amazon to make it easier for guests to have a sign-in station. It looks professional, and it’s anti-theft. Then, visit OhGuests.com and try this revolutionary software for your next open house event. 

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