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How New Agent John Landed 11 Listings in 3 Weeks!

Feb 15, 2019 11:13:05 AM

“The book lends credibility and is a great tool for a new agent like me competing with agents with many listings and experience.”

Johnathan just returned to the United States in 2017 after teaching English abroad for nearly a decade. He renewed his real estate license in October last year.

He has been a Smart Agents member for about 2 months. 



John uses one of the Expired books and also the Home Buyer's Guide to impress buyer and seller leads. After sending out his books, he calls his leads at least 2 nights a week to follow up.

"Prior to making appointments, sometimes, I will tell them about a book I've written, and a few people remember that."

In the future, he is considering using the divorce book to pursue divorce leads, but he will continue to focus on Expireds and FSBOs, since they are easier leads for him in his market.

John currently has 11 listings, which he attributes to "following up and giving my book and winning them over with my personality." 

He was recently hired to list a luxury home over a top agent in his area because the seller liked his presentation and book. That listing was for $1.5 million.   

"I also have acquired a national builder in my area as a client. We help them with marketing, and I run their open houses every weekend. They have over 100 home sites with 6 model homes and 5 SIs (standing inventory spec homes). SIs are the ones needs to be sold right away since they are all built with 4% selling commission with great incentives to buyers. I've given the sales office both of my books I have (expired and buyer books). They are talking about giving us another location nearby for us to run open houses and help out with marketing."

John says the books work because they are something physical you can hold in an industry that's becoming increasingly dominated by software tools and digital marketing. 

"Everyone was doing direct marketing before, and now, only few of us do direct marketing. Direct marketing in a digital/software market works great because no one is doing that. By giving my potential clients after shaking hands, a signed copy of my book, is truly an amazing tool. No one is doing that, and it works. It builds instant credibility, and you are immediately creating value as an expert in the field. The "dating" process of seller/buyer to agent is much shorter because they trust me more and faster. It speeds up the process, which means more money and more business to us."

John says the books also give him the confidence to close deals. 

"Is it a coincidence that I am the top listing agent in my office as a new agent and have a national builder as my client? I think not. This is my main marketing tool that I use, and absolutely love these books and people around my office love them also!"

If you want your own free sample of our most popular book, click the link below!


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