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How Raymond Picks Up Listings at His Local Mechanic

Feb 1, 2019 11:21:20 AM

“Believe me. I have seen a lot of different marketing programs out there, and I tell you what... One of the best, unique branding things that I've ever come across is Smart Agents and their books.”

Raymond has been a licensed Realtor since 1984. He keeps an assortment of books in a plastic storage container in his car so he’s always ready to give them out at a moment’s notice.

“Wherever I go, I drop them off. I don't care if I'm getting my oil changed. Wherever there's waiting room, I'm dropping them off.”



He also uses them in place of business cards at all of his open houses and sends them to out-of-state clients.  

“I send them a book to kind of break the ice with them, as well as all my internet leads. This is just a great ice-breaker, and it's a unique branding method for the type of marketing that I want to come across as a powerhouse of knowledge in the field.”

Raymond recently had a retired couple call him after they read one of his books while waiting to get their brakes checked.  He’s now listing their home.

"People love them, and when I give them a book, I can immediately see that I just went from 'just another agent' to one that is an 'authority.' Everyone and their uncle is a Realtor nowadays. This gives me the edge."

Raymond also recently went to get an oil change, where he started talking with the shop manager, who was looking to move closer to work, so he gave him a book.

"So that could be a listing and a buyer in my town sale. You just never know where it leads you."

To anyone on the fence about trying Smart Agents books, Raymond says: 

"Just do it…There are many Facebook ads out there promising this and that with their training and tricks…This works. Period! Just get 100 books and start handing them out like I have, and you’ll be amazed at the results."

If you want your own free sample of our most popular book, click the link below!


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