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How to Gain Community Trust

Dec 12, 2019 10:30:00 AM

Get to know people in the community by representing a cause you (and they!) care about. It's a great way to meet leads and build rapport. 

Would you like your community to know, like, and trust you —  even people you've never met before? I'm going to share a way you can achieve that as a real estate agent and make a positive impact in your community.

What causes are you passionate about? Here is a list of civic and charitable organizations to help you come up with some ideas: 

  • Health or Cancer Awareness
  • Your Local Fire Department
  • Your Local Police Department
  • Public Libraries 
  • Pet Rescue
  • School Funding

If you can connect with an organization and make their particular cause part of your story and part of your identity, people are going to relate to you and feel that they like and trust you before you ever meet them.

But here’s the catch: You have to choose something you're truly passionate about because your passion for the cause is going to come across in how you present it. A heartfelt story that connects you to the organization and shows you're actively supporting it will entice others. Supporting an organization can mean volunteering either time or money — or both.  

I'm going to use pet adoption for an example, but you can choose whichever organization you're passionate about. There are many animals that sadly are euthanized because they can’t find a home. If you can portray a connection to the cause, people will be more likely to believe your passion for it. 

There's a stat by Realtor.com that states 80% of homeowners have a pet, and 64% of those are dogs, so you're going to relate to a lot of people. While I wouldn't recommend having a business card with your dog on it or having marketing material with you and your dog on the cover, it still makes a great side note and bio piece. Maybe on your website you have a picture of you at the pound adopting your four-legged family member, which gives you a personal connection to the cause. 

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Now if you want to take it to the next level, if you can become a spokesperson for the agency or organization you’re supporting. Many groups love to have a spokesperson around the community. You can pitch articles to the local newspapers or magazines, or you can start a blog online. You can also speak at community functions, talking about the organization as well as yourself and your business. There are endless opportunities. 

The best part about meeting leads this way is that you’re immediately connecting with them on an emotional level, about something they, too, care about. Then, when the time comes to talk about how you offer real estate services, the rapport is already built. It can be a “slam dunk” for a lot of home sellers because they feel like they've seen you over and over. Plus, working with area organizations will help you grow your sphere. The people you meet at the dog adoption agency, will remember you. 

As a side note, you can probably donate money (or time) and get your logo placed on something that the organization gives out in public — such as water bottles or ink pens — or a newsletter. 

If you have true passion for the organization you’re backing, this will really help you be recognized, liked and be trusted by your community. If you can separate yourself from other agents and stand for something besides pushing your business, you will be the agent that people know, like, and trust before they even meet you. 

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