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Chats with Industry Insiders: RealEZPhotoFix Makes Listing Photos Shine

Nov 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to what buyers see on a listing! Learn from Tim Denbo, CEO of RealEZPhotoFix, how to spruce up all your real estate photography and grow your business. 

Have you ever gone to take a picture of your new listing and you realize there's an ugly sofa in the living room, dog toys all over the kitchen, towels lying around the pool, a dusty car in the driveway and bikes strewn all over the front lawn? It’s enough to make any photographer rear back in sheer horror, right? Furthermore, some photo problems are more subtle - many times, we don't realize until we get back to the office and going through pictures that we should have moved a vehicle, fluffed a pillow, or whatever else. 

The good news? Now you can fix all of that - without buying new furniture or taking more photos! 

I'm here with RealEZPhotoFix.com, talking to Tim Denbo, CEO, about great photo options for all you agents out there who snapped pictures of a home and it's not how you want it to look. 

Joe: You can fix it, right?

Tim: We sure can. One of the things that we've learned through Realtor.com studies, as well as others, is that staged homes just sell better. Whether it's virtually staged or truly staged, it gives people that warm feeling of what it looks like. We even had an agent who listed a home that he was going to let go of because it wasn't selling. He virtually staged three photos, and sold it within a week!

Joe: So it sat on the market for awhile and he couldn't sell it?

Tim: Yep, sat on the market here in the Bay Area, couldn't sell it, and within three weeks of putting virtually staged photos on, it sold.

Joe: Wow. So let’s say I am an agent, and I have a listing. If I took the photos, what's it going to cost me to get them enhanced or staged?

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Tim: We can enhance your photos and make them look professional for only $2 a photo in 24 hours or less, and we can take photos and virtually stage them for just $32 a photo. So it's a no-brainer.

Joe: Wow. So that could be a living room that's empty or a kitchen or any room?

Tim: It can be a living room, master bedroom, kitchen, any room. Matter of fact, we charge per photo. So if the photo is showing a dining room and a kitchen, it's $32 for the whole thing. And guess what? If you have old furniture in there, we're going to take it out and put in new furniture too for the same price. So whether it's empty or just has some old stuff that just isn't really emotionally inviting, we're going to fix it.

Joe: Say I send you five photos that I want staged; what's the turnaround time?

Tim: We're going to get it back to you guaranteed within 48 hours. 98% of the time we'll get it to you within 24 hours.

Joe: That sounds too easy.

Tim: That's why we called it RealEZPhotoFix

Joe: There you have it. It's simple, it's easy, and it's so critical. I bet an agent would want to use these photos in their next listing presentation to get the next listing, like make this part of their sales pitch. Do you see many photos or agents doing that?

Tim: Absolutely. The smart ones are using it as part of their listing presentation, and, in this changing market, we're no longer doing listing presentations - we're doing marketing presentations, and great photos should be a part of every agent's marketing presentation. You're going to help the buyers, since a lot of times the buyers are the ones who end up paying for the staging. So, it's going to save them thousands of dollars over doing actual physical staging, and you just need to disclose it on the MLS. Explain the photos have been virtually staged, and then, when buyers show up, we tell agents to put the photos in house, showing them what it could look like. It just helps the home sell it even better.

Joe: That's a great idea. So, they could put up an easel or something and have the photos displayed in the house.

Tim: Yes. Just like we have right here. You put it inside with a $18 Walmart easel and you've got a great presentation.

Joe: Wow. Thanks, Tim. Thanks for the time and the presentation you gave us and I would recommend any agent do this on existing listings or a new listings. Give it a try for - what? Maybe $100 or $200 for a listing?

Tim: Absolutely.

Joe: There you have it. You can have a picture totally redone for next to nothing at RealEZPhotoFix.com. I was actually just there while you were watching this video, checking out their website. Check this out. There's no subscription. You can just sign up right here on their website and choose which package that you need for your listing. 

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