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Chats with Industry Insiders: Use Addressable to Send More Letters

Nov 21, 2019 9:00:00 AM


Did you just write five cards and get a hand cramp? Are you looking for a new and highly effective way to reach your sphere? Addressable can help you - and you can try it for free! 

Have you ever wanted to turn past clients into raving fans who will send you referrals?  One way to do that is to not forget those personal touches, such as handwritten thank-you cards. Not printed letters and generic postcards - a personalized, handwritten card works way more wonders for this. 

The only trouble is, this can be a daunting task, not to mention it can wear your hand out because it's very exhausting to hand write a hundred or more personal notes! 

Good news - I was just at the NAR convention and I met a company there that does this. They literally hand write cards for you. 

Addressable.app is the website. They are amazing because it's so critical to have a personalized note if you want to get referrals and more listings. And I'm here with Chris, Founder and CEO. 

Chris: Yes, I'm Chris Tosswill, the Founder and CEO of Addressable. We make it easy for agents to acquire leads and listing appointments, as well as follow up with people in their sphere, by using robots to hand write direct mail. 

Our patented robot technology uses real blue ballpoint ink. We can help you send out one or a thousand cards easily. Most agents do farming with us. We can do a batch of thousand cards every month to a specific area. For example, we mailed 1,900 cards into downtown San Francisco. Those 1900 cards generated 34 phone calls, $42 million worth of real estate leads and 12 listing appointments in a single month, which is the most, I think the most successful real estate marketing campaign ever run in San Francisco. 

Joe: That's amazing because a lot of times this is where agents fail to get the continued listings. 

Chris: We developed this to be a totally turnkey solution because agents’ time is best spent actually with their customers and converting new clients. Writing the letters, going to the post office, dealing with a bunch of paper and things that like is a huge time suck. We take that all away and make it very easy. You can log into our website, type a message, hit enter and get a handwritten card sent off. 


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Joe: Is there a minimum initiation fee.

Chris: There's no setup fee. You can do just one card or two cards with us, but the price goes down with more, and if you do a monthly recurring program, it's even cheaper. We find that most agents like to do a thousand cards a month with us, and when we do that, we can generally get them between four and six listing appointments in the first month of using our product. 

Joe: Wow, Chris, that's pretty impressive. And this is an area where most agents get frustrated and so they just don't do it. When they don't do it, what are they missing out on?

Chris: It’s about building your brand and connecting with your community. Many agents send postcards, and they're told that if you send regular laser printed postcards every month for a year, you're going to start seeing results. The problem is that every agent is sending these postcards, so they don't stand out. By sending handwritten cards, you really stand out and show that you care and connect with the audience. And that's how we’re able to get such a great response rate, which is what agents might be missing out on. 

Joe: I love it, Chris. And I love the font. I've done this before with the laser printer and tried to do fonts like that, but this is way above and beyond. Plus, I can get my logo on there?

Chris:  We can actually teach the robot your hand running style, and the robot will write just like you. So, we have a series of our own handwriting styles that you're welcome to use, but we can also digitize your handwriting and the robot will write just like you.

Joe: These are all different fonts?

Chris: Yeah, these are all custom handwriting developed by our team. And you mentioned about laser printing - people try to do laser printed, handwritten mail where they do a cursive-y  font, but everyone immediately knows that that's not real. All of our stuff is done with real ballpoint ink on paper, and it creates an imprint on the paper that your eye can notice, and that's why it looks so real. That's why it's so engaging. 

Joe: I think this is a critical part and most agents won't do this, so that means the agents that do this are going to have a much higher response rate.

Chris: In the last three months, ten of the top thousand agents in California started using our product, and they're seeing the results. 

Joe: It's as simple as going on your website, Addressable.app and they can sign up and purchase however many they want?

Chris: Exactly.

Joe: It sounds too easy. Is there a catch to it? 

Chris: No, no catch. Come to our website, sign up, and we'll send you a free sample. You can see it for yourself. You can judge for yourself totally free. 

There you have it: Addressable.app is where you can get personalized thank you cards, hand written with a click of a button. Whether you're sending two or three or twelve hundred, it doesn't matter. Chris can take care of you. 

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