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Chats with Industry Insiders: Use Rela to Make a Marketing Impact

Dec 3, 2019 9:00:00 AM

The task list that goes into marketing a listing can be quite a feat - but you can make it easier on yourself with Rela, a full-service marketing platform that does the hard work FOR you! 

Congrats — you have a new listing! Now it's time to sell it, which means it’s time to do all of the things you have to do to get that home ready for the market: the pictures, the brochures, the websites. It’s no secret that it can be overwhelming. What if I told you there’s an easier way for you to do all of that with a simple click? 

Have you ever heard of RelaHQ.com? I’m here with Mike Land, who is going to tell us all about it. 

Mike Land: Rela is an automated marketing platform that allows agents and marketing teams to quickly generate all of the marketing materials they need to market their listings. That includes single property, website, print materials and even lead generation!  In just a matter of minutes, you can have something that looks like you paid a professional design team to produce it, when, in fact, you pay just a fraction of the price. 

We make it really easy for agents to create standout listings, generate leads and bring engagements to each of their listings, sell them more quickly and generate more business. 

Joe: A lot of agents I talked to in there talk about how they spend time at the print shop, then go back to my office, then back to the print shop and they end up doing that all day. So how long would setting up with Rela take someone who has a brand new listing and a quick turnaround, like “I have an open house in a week and I need to get set up!” turnaround?

Mike Land: It would take about 10 minutes. All we need is the property address, the photos and any additional media, like video or drone tours. You enter the address, upload your media, and you're pretty much done. You just choose the template that you want to use. You can also create your print collateral with just a couple of clicks. Again, just choose the template that you want, and all of the information is in the system already. All of the deliverables are produced automatically for you. You don't have to go to another vendor; you don't have to go to an outside lead-generation company or a print company. You can do all of it from your dashboard. 

Joe: So once all my information is in there with my new listing, I can select any of this material and have it shipped to me?

Mike Land: Yes, you can produce professional quality print materials like brochures, postcards — all different sizes. You can choose from a variety of finishes and paper weights. Again, to create something just takes a couple of clicks because we're importing all the details and the photos in for you automatically, and you can customize it how you'd like. It’s really simple and easy to use. And again, we're keeping it all in one platform so you don't need to go out to other vendors and handle it yourself. You save a ton of time and money on quality materials. 

Joe: That's what I noticed: the quality. It all looks congruent too, and that's the big thing. If a website looks one way and then, as a buyer, I show up to the open house and I see this dinky printout on not very high-quality paper, it doesn't really speak to me, and I don't remember the listing. It needs to look exceptional across all platforms. 

Mike Land: Yeah. And that's the goal. So all of our digital templates will have a matching print template. You can print out a flyer or a brochure that matches the presentation that you have online. And, like you said, that will keep it congruent. It’ll provide the same user experience with some consistency. 

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Joe: So this must be expensive.

Mike Land: It's not expensive! It’s about $29 a month. It’s also really easy to get started, whether you have one listing or 10 listings. We also offer month-to-month plans which allow you to have an active account when you have listings and pause it if you don't have listings. Then, you can come back and reactivate it. So it’s cost effective, especially when you consider what the end result is and what you would have to pay a designer, a development team, a print vendor and a lead-generator company. We basically keep all of those costs down for the agent. 

Joe: You mentioned the lead generation. So with my Facebook lead generation, everything is on one dashboard. 

Mike Land: Yes, you can actually launch a Facebook lead generator campaign in about three minutes. All you do is enter in the address of the property, choose the budget and the timing that you want to go with the campaign and click launch. And we don't put any minimums on the budget. You can choose whatever time frame you want to run it. So if you wanted to run ads for an open house for that weekend, you could start the campaign earlier that week. It's really up to you. 

Joe: What you mentioned before, those are active listings. So I could list 50 homes a year and maybe have the five listing package per month? 

Mike Land: Yeah, definitely. The middle plan is $59 a month for up to five active listings. But the nice thing about the system is you can deactivate listings that you've sold and put a new one, so you're only paying that 59 bucks a month that whole year. You could effectively carry 30 to 40 listings and still have that low cost to market those. 

Joe: Sounds good. Thanks Mike. Look forward to seeing more of what you guys have to offer in the future. 

So, there you have it. You can actually get a free trial if you go to the website, RelaHQ.com. Try it for free. I know I keep emphasizing the quality, but I see some of the marketing items agents use, and these are quality materials for a fair price. Also keep in mind that the three price points are for monthly, active listings. It's simple, easy and very affordable. 

Go check them out and see for yourself how you can market a listing and get that commission check coming in sooner than you thought. 

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