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Sean Has Secured Solid Leads With His Books!

Jul 19, 2018 11:57:39 PM

 "I've gotten five seller leads, and one has turned into a possible listing."

They say you have to walk before you can run, and Sean has taken his time figuring out the best way to make the books work for his business. 

The books are not a one-size-fits-all tool. You have to find out how they work for you.

Although Sean ordered his first books some time ago, he has just now started to actively use them. He has several potential leads lined up that he's confident will turn into listings. 

Hear more about his journey below, and check out his Q&A with our team. You can find more success stories on our YouTube page! 

Smart Agents: When did you start using the Smart Agents books?

Sean: If you look at my account, you'll see that I ordered the books a long time ago, but I actually didn't start really using the landing page and circulating the books until about maybe three months ago.

Smart Agents: Would you tell me why it took you so long to start distributing the books? Was anything holding you back?

Sean: No. I was just trying to get comfortable with what's in the book so that if somebody asked me about it, I’d know what to say. And also just trying to figure out what the best way to use them is. My first thing was I sent some books to people that I talked on the phone, like expired listings and for sale by owners, the first 40 books that I had, and then using them kind of as business cards when I'm actually meeting with people. I seem to like that a little bit better than just randomly sending them off after a phone conversation. And then, the third thing I'm doing now is testing the landing page, and I think so far, I've gotten a few leads off of that, and that's actually worked the best so far.

Smart Agents: OK. And so have you read the books?

Sean: Yes.

Smart Agents: Because you know what's in them, has that helped you distribute the books, or rather, use the books better?

Sean: Yeah, because, I mean, it's a little bit strange, I guess, the concept of saying I authored a book when really, I didn't have anything to do with writing it. I think that probably holds your program back because people are going to feel like that's an integrity issue. But after reading it and knowing what was in it, I realized that much of what is in it, I say to people when I meet with them, or when I'm on the phone with people. So I guess I felt a little bit more comfortable after that.

Smart Agents: All right. And what are the tactics you're using to distribute the books that have been working best for you?

Sean: Right now, I'm using the book’s landing page for the Facebook ad. I'm trying to drive seller traffic to the free book offer, and then, I'm delivering the book to them in person.

Smart Agents: And how many listings have you been able to get as a result of the book so far?

Sean: I haven't had any yet. I've got one that's a possibility. It hasn't happened yet.

Smart Agents: What kind of leads do you give the books to?

Sean: These are people that are thinking about selling.

Smart Agents: Yes. And do you have a particular book that you have found to be the most successful?

Sean: No, not yet. And that's why I just got off the phone with your customer support because I'm going to have them remove some books and only have one book on the landing page because I want to test one book at a time to see which is the best book.

Smart Agents: So instead of using several, you'd rather first see how one works.

Sean: Yeah. And then test it. And so they just explained to me that I can actually do that.

Smart Agents: Okay. And besides giving out the books, what are other marketing tactics that you've seen to be useful to you?

Sean: For buyers, I’m  using Facebook advertising, which generates anywhere between 60 and 80 leads a month. So, that's working well. And then we're farming. We work our sphere of influence pretty heavily.

Smart Agents: All right. And would you say that you feel that you get more respect from the sellers because you give them the book, or what kind of impression have you been getting?

Sean: Yeah. I would agree with that. It definitely gives you instant credibility when you give somebody the book.

Smart Agents: All right. And what kind of feedback have you been getting from the clients regarding the books?

Sean: Good feedback. Yeah. I've gotten good feedback. I've actually had a client email me, a potential client, email me back and just told me how well-written he thought it was and that the strategies seem to be deliberate and good strategies, and he looks forward to working with me in the future.

Smart Agents: OK. And do you feel more hopeful that now that you're using the books you'll be able to generate more business for yourself?

Sean: Yes.

Smart Agents: So, you're going to keep using the books?

Sean: Yes.

Smart Agents: Would you recommend the system to another agent?

Sean: Yeah, I would. I mean, I would be careful with who just because I'm a little bit concerned about having somebody in my own market using the same book. But yes. I mean, if they were in a completely different market, yes.

Smart Agents: Have you had any issues with anyone asking you whether you really wrote the book? How have you been able to handle that question?

Sean: I tell them right upfront that I co-authored it, that I had help. But no. I haven't had anybody really pry into that too much. I explain to them what a ghost writer is, having somebody write it based upon strategies that I've used, and it's not a problem.

Smart Agents: All right. Good to hear that. Thank you so much for your feedback.


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