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8 min read

How Mark Wins Over ‘HGTV Experts’

By Smart Agents on Mar 22, 2019 1:37:47 PM

Mark has been a Realtor for six years. He does about half his business with investors, about half with traditional residential buyers, and does a little work with commercial properties, as well.

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5 min read

How Voicemail Marketing Gets David a 55% Callback Rate

By Smart Agents on Mar 15, 2019 12:38:06 PM

David has been a real estate agent for 15 years and just got his broker’s license, a requirement in his state. He works on residential properties, as well as light commercial properties, including churches and warehouses. With a background in construction, David also works with a lot of new construction.

We talked with David last year and were curious to see how things are going for him now. David generously agreed to give us an update about his work.

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1 min read

How Les Impressed Senior Sellers at His Seminar

By Smart Agents on Mar 8, 2019 1:50:31 PM

"I think it's powerful because my contacts have never gotten anything resembling this from any other agent. It makes me look like an expert in my field."  

Les started out as a real estate investor in 2004. He made the leap to Realtor in 2016.

"I've used Smart Agent Books for a couple years now in many different ways. Most recently, I offered it as a free gift to come to a senior seller's home webinar that I put on."


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8 min read

How Gary Bested Two Other Agents (Including a Friend of the Client) for a $1.975M Listing

By Smart Agents on Mar 1, 2019 2:00:02 PM

Gary has been a Realtor for 33 years. While he works with clients of all kinds, he specializes in working with waterfront owners, condo owners, and higher-end properties in a resort market.  

  • Number of books given away: About 100

  • Listings received with the help of the books: 4

  • Biggest benefit of using the books: “I have been competing with other high-end Realtors for listings, and the book is a turning point.”

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8 min read

How Sean Consistently Lands 35-45 Deals a Year

By Smart Agents on Feb 22, 2019 9:50:36 AM

Sean has been a Realtor for 15 years. He works in a large area with a wide variety of people, including both residential and commercial clients. Sean previously recorded a video and spoke with our team, and we wanted to check in on his success. You can read what he said before and watch his video here. Read on for an update on what’s happened since we last spoke with him.

  • Number of books given away: About 100

  • Listings received with the help of the books: 5-10

  • Biggest benefit of using the books: It works as a way in the door to get that first meet-and-greet, and then if you do good follow-up…It'll give you good credibility, like it's supposed to.

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6 min read

The Single Greatest Listing Opportunity Since the Expired Listing

By Joe Nickelson on Jul 24, 2018 4:52:29 PM

We all know Expireds offer a great listing opportunity. But have you tried to list one recently? It’s tough. These homeowners get 100+ phone calls. 30-50 letters. It’s a non-stop barrage.

Yes, listing Expireds is a great move in a normal market. But, today’s market is NOT a “normal” market. It’s crazy!

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9 min read

A Tale of Two Realtors: The Importance of Follow-Up

By Joe Nickelson on Jul 21, 2018 8:24:42 PM

I’m going to tell you two stories about two different Realtors.

We’ll call them Realtor A and Realtor B.

Realtor A and B both work in similar markets. They’ve both been in the business for about 10 years and have built solid reputations in their prospective areas.

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5 min read

7 Real Estate Technology Trends Disrupting the Industry

By Smart Agents on May 2, 2018 1:31:59 PM

New technologies are springing up every day, disrupting various industries in major and unexpected ways.

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8 min read

"No Follow-up" vs. "Aggressive Follow-up"

By Smart Agents on Apr 30, 2018 1:37:10 PM

There are rare occasions when you immediately connect with your leads. However, statistically, you will have to interact with the majority of your leads more than once before you can convince them to list with you.

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4 min read

FSBOs Are Easy to List Like This

By Charles White on Jun 6, 2017 11:13:48 AM

This week's interview is with Myra, who's been a Smart Agent's member for a couple of months.

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