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17 min read

Bob Landed 3 Listings Within 72 Hours of Receiving His Books!

By Smart Agents on Dec 14, 2018 2:24:33 PM

"I received my first order of books 72 hours ago. I went on 3 Expired Listing appointments using the book as one who knows why a listing hasn't sold. It gave me a leg up on the competition because I was perceived as an expert in the industry. All 3 Seller's glanced through the book. One signed the listing without reading the book. It's 7pm and I'm at my office with Seller signatures from the other 2 Sellers who read the book, were very impressed and my sign goes up on ALL THREE tomorrow!!!  3 for 3 in 72 hours?? YES!!"

This is the email we recently received from one of our members!

Bob has been a real estate agent for over 26 years. He lives and works about 120 miles north of Las Vegas. His degree and professional background are in marketing, and he recognized that the books could give him credibility and a leg up over the competition in his area.

Listing Scorecard

  • Length of time using the books: Around 30 days
  • Number of books given away: 27
  • Listings received with the help of the books: 7 (3 already under contract)
  • Biggest benefit of using the books: You would think that after 26 years, it is easy for me to knock on anybody's door that's expired/For Sale by Owner, and I am scared to death…[the books have] given me a tangible self-worth that I can go to the door of somebody's home with confidence and competence and not be worried about the conversation…I don't have to [think], "OK, you can do this. It'll be alright." No, I just go up to the door and Ring! And just start talking away because I've got that [book], and it's literally been that powerful.

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15 min read

Marki Warms Up to Leads Through Housewarming Events

By Smart Agents on Dec 7, 2018 11:13:36 AM

Marki is a real estate agent who specializes in listings, marketing, and working with investors.

Listing Scorecard

  • Length of time using the books: 2 months
  • Listings received with the help of the books: Within one week of sending off eight books, she got one listing and one likely listing. She also held an event where she used the books and got five leads.
  • Biggest benefit of using the books: "I can set myself apart from the competition. And what's nice is there's not anything new or over the top for me in the book that I'm not already doing anyway."

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