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Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

Nov 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Are you ready to gobble up more sales? Try a few Thanksgiving marketing strategies to connect with others, promote your brand and get more listings before the end of the year! 


Thanksgiving is all about showing gratitude for family, friends, homes, pets, or whatever else may add joy to our lives.

Wouldn’t it be great if, by demonstrating the things you are grateful for, you could also generate more clients and listings?

People connect with those they feel have similar values, preferences and/or personalities.

When you’re trying to establish a connection with prospects, sharing your personal experiences is a great way to get the ball rolling.

And what’s more personal than holiday traditions and experiences?

As Thanksgiving approaches, there are several creative ways you can make an impression on your clients.

Don’t be a turkey — post on your blog. 

If you’re not using a blog or website to post about a Thanksgiving contest or to present useful holiday information, you’re missing a golden opportunity.

You can “host” lots of different Thanksgiving-themed “events” utilizing your online platforms.

One way to generate interaction is by holding a trivia contest. Do some online research to find interesting Thanksgiving facts to turn into trivia questions.

Create a quiz using a free website like FlexiQuiz, post it on your social media pages, and draw a winner from all the people who score 100%. Again, you may want to consider timing the quiz so people won’t cheat and look up the answers online!

This is a terrific way to build your email list, since you should have a capture form that needs to be completed before a prospect can gain access to the questions/submit a form.

Gift cards to coffee or doughnut shops, coupons for local events, or even free listing photos are great ideas to offer for prizes.

Finding new leads is easy as pie.

Sticking with the contest theme, you can arrange a pie-baking contest as a way to build community involvement. You can also set up a food collection at the event and donate pies to local food banks.

Reach out to the local library, school, fire station or YMCA to find out if they’d be willing to host the contest, or scale down and have the contest at your office, with fellow agents acting as judges.

Ask the fire chief or chief of police to be judges. A favorite school principal and/or local sports star are terrific options, too.

Do some leg work to get local sponsors to help with prizes, or manage on your own.

Just be certain that your office or business is featured on the promotions.  

Consider presenting local workers a plaque or card with a thank you message expressing your appreciation for their dedicated service to the community.

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Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or food-delivery service.

Another way to get involved is to volunteer your time to help feed those in need.

You could arrange a food drop off at your office or serve at a soup kitchen.

You might want to announce that for every house you sell in the month of November, you’ll be donating a turkey to the food bank.

When tastefully advertised, any or all of the above can really validate your care for the community and can help you make connections with future prospects.

Seriously? More Food!?

Yes, the last two suggestions involved food, but where Thanksgiving is concerned, there isn’t really a better mode of communication. After all, it’s called “Turkey Day” for a reason!

You can take advantage of people’s “food focus” to make a pop-in visit seem welcome, rather than obtrusive.

Either patronize a local bakery — you’ll earn more of those “community-points” — or make your own delicious treats to deliver to prospects and/or past clients.

A quick, “leave the car running” pop-in to deliver your baked goods is a fabulous way to make connections and develop a real rapport.

Consider sending out a Thanksgiving mailer.

This isn’t the time to solicit business or try to sell anything. Just create a friendly, warm and genuine message that will communicate your gratefulness to have so many wonderful people in your life. If you want to make an even better impression, have postcards made and send them in the mail.

Another way to add value to your card is to include a “family recipe” for a favorite Thanksgiving dessert or dish.

While Christmas cards are expected, Thanksgiving greetings are much less common and therefore more likely to generate leads. 

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