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Tips and Scripts to Follow Up with Leads

Oct 29, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Your to-do list as a real estate agent should always have "following up with leads" on it. Don't be afraid to reach out either - it's going to take more than one time to get the listing! 

Do you get overwhelmed with the process of reaching out to a lead more than one time? Or maybe you’ve accidentally dropped the ball and by the time you remembered, the lead already listed with another agent?  

We’ve all been there, and it can be a grueling experience. I don’t blame you if you could use a little bit of inspiration or encouragement when it comes to persistence and following up; we all could. 

That said, let me introduce you to Dominick. He's a Smart Agents member who is keeping up with his leads and who he should follow up with in a more old-fashioned way. 

“I use the sheets that [came with my Smart Agents membership]. I also use Google docs, and I just build my own spreadsheet with everything. I look at it every day. I don't call these people every day, but I call them every few days - every two or three days. … I think I'm at like follow up number seven so far with some with these people; some of them already sold or went with somebody else for whatever reason. So, I have a list of maybe 25 to 30 leads right now. I'm hoping that something comes out of that, but that's where I am right now. But the listing that I got from my [Authorify] book is a $475,000 house. I'm going on contract next Tuesday ...so obviously, that's making my money back big time.”

Find a tracking method that works for you

If you’re the type who shies away from learning a new content management system or software, take a tip from Dominick, and just use a sheet of paper. You don’t even have to transfer it to a Google doc or anywhere else if you don’t want to. In fact, sometimes it is easier having a contact list on paper where you can simply mark things with a pen. And, studies show that using handwriting commits things to memory. I was just talking to a teacher who teaches corporate communication and does a lot of big events, and she was talking about the psychology of handwriting. 

Whatever you use to keep track of lead contact, follow in Dominick’s footsteps. He's doing something so simple. He mailed his leads a book, and then he followed up with texts, phone calls, or email. He's tracking his emails, sending out texts, door knocking and connecting with leads repeatedly. He had 50 leads, now he's down to 30, and he got two deals. Let’s not forget the follow-up study that states it typically takes 5 contacts to make something happen. Of course, you need to mix it up with email, in person, phone calls and text. 

And let’s say Dominick gets another few deals from the lead pile he is working through. He’ll likely get referrals and possibly more deals from open houses where he’ll meet new buyers and his happy clients. 

But this snowball of business only happens when we’re persistent and keep following up. If you don’t come up with a system to get back in touch with people, you’ll never know if one more conversation with a lead could have been the key. 

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Nailing the follow-up call

Need a little extra help on that important follow up call after you’ve dropped off a book or other materials or perhaps sent an email? Here is a script to give you inspiration. 

Step 1: Make sure you are talking to the owner.

Call and ask for the owner by their first name only:

“Hi, is this _____?” 

Step 2: Go through the script.  

“Hey ______, My name is ______. I’m a Realtor here in _______. 

I sent you a book that shows how to sell a home that didn’t previously sell. Did you receive the book that I sent/gave to you?”

Wait for them to answer. 

“I’m sure if I looked at your home, I could come up with some fresh ideas for marketing, which would get more buyers interested in your house…and get it sold. 

Would you mind if I stopped by sometime and took a quick look at your home?” 

Wait for them to answer. 

If they say “Yes,” continue to the Step #3 below. 

Step 3: Set up an appointment. 

“What’s a good time that I could stop by and take a quick look at the home?” 

(Schedule the appointment.) 

A quick text follow-up

Texting is fast and doesn’t require a long script. Here are two examples of messages you could send. 

Text variation 1: 

“Hi! This is AGENT with BROKERAGE. I was just wondering if you received my book and had a chance to glance through it. I’d love to hear any feedback you have!”

Text variation 2: 

“Hi! This is AGENT with BROKERAGE. I was just wondering if you received my book/email. I’d love to work with anyone you send my way, or help you out if you have any real estate needs!”


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