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Travis has landed over $3 million in listings!

Jan 17, 2019 9:26:42 PM

"It has been the best marketing money I have spent."

Travis started out in real estate six years ago and became a Smart Agents member in the last 10 months.

He's been able to acquire over $3 million dollars in listings, as well as six buyer clients.


Travis uses four different books: the Home Buyers Guide, How to Sell Your Home for More Money, the Business Card Book, and the FSBO book.

 The listings he's gotten from the books were old expired listings and listings from his sphere of influence. He has also landed three FSBO appointments but is still working to convert them into listings.

Travis' follow-up plans consists of a 60-day cycle.

"When I obtain an address of an expired listing or a FSBO, I mail out a book and a letter (provided by Smart Agents). I follow up with a home visit within 10 days. From the home visit, I then follow up phone/email every 30 days. My follow-up by phone/email simply consists of market updates and recent activity in their area.

He encourages other agents who may be on the fence about investing in the books to give them a try. 

"It has eliminated having to spend excessive amount of money on marketing systems that are not proven to work. The books work. It allows for the agent to be creative and clearly separates them from other agents in their market."

Travis credits the books with improving his business marketing and helping him reach  his goals. 

"Prior to the books, I was wasting time and money trying different forms of marketing. The books have been great, and I enjoy using them."


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