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This Winning Combination Scored Jeff a $7.4 Million Listing

Feb 8, 2019 1:25:52 AM

“I've always been the brokerage’s expired king, but when I bought those books and started adding them onto my expired letters, I sealed the deals.”

Jeff has been in real estate for 2.5 years and specializes in expired listings.

He recently started handing out an expired book along with his expired letter.



Jeff says no other agents in his area can compete when he has his books in hand.

“Get the books, use them, read the material because when you go on those listing appointments, 99% of the time, those books are going to be on the table, and those sellers are going to ask you questions like the 20/80 rule.”

Jeff recently secured three multi-million dollar listings, including one $7.4 million home. 

1.8 Million1.8 Million - 27.4 million

"I wouldn't have been able to get this property without that book.”

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