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“Instead of asking yourself ‘What are other people doing on LinkedIn?’ change the question to, ‘What benefit could I, a smart real estate agent gain from LinkedIn?’ and go that way. Even if most people don’t try it."
“When you're in real estate, you have to be curious about the market."
“There is so much out there for lead gen, marketing and building you sphere… but there is very little on how to structure and set up your real estate business.”
“It’s transitioned from where I thought I always needed to be selling… then I figured it out that it’s not about that.”
“When you own homes and they talk about generational wealth, it starts there.”
“Just because you have a nice photo, a logo and a tagline does not mean you have a well-developed and displayed brand.”
"You really got to focus providing what is interesting, what do we think people are going to find novel or exciting."
“You’ve got to find a way to keep that cash flow coming in, otherwise you're going to keep working every single day of your life.”
"I’m on the side of the successful transaction where all parties are happy at the end."
"You have to have that connection to be able to communicate."
"If you’re unrecognizable and starting over, that can be detrimental to your business."
“One of our videos generated over 100,000 views in four days. It went viral... And that translated into 120 showings.”
“I'm a true believer that if you give, give, give, eventually it's going to come back to you.”
"The beginning is more challenging when you're a niche-focused business. But, you reap the benefits for sure."
"It's focus, focus, focus and make it simple, simple, simple. You're not a mind reader as a listing agent. You have to help people envision their own business."
"I'm passionate about all three parties' safety. My safety as a realtor, safety of the buyer and safety of the homeowner."
"The growth from zero to $16 million is easy. The challenging growth is moving from $16 Million to $25 Million."
"The way that I kind of explain it is, I see your repeats and referrals as the icing. It is the extras, but your marketing is the cake. It's the predictable, consistent stuff that you can rely on." ...
"Those are all essentially customers that we now have in our database, who we know have expressed interest in at least buying or selling at some point or learning more about it." ...
"Realtors have their own name, have their own jersey that they have to wear and represent like no other, because that's the name that people go after."
"A lot of people feel that new construction homes are hard to get in to... I feel like it is my sweet spot."
"I didn't want to just have my name and my headshot as all of my branding as I hope to grow my business in the future."
“We have 120 cities in the United States that are now over 200,000 people. That means we should have 120 very prolific women in real estate leading in those cities.⁣”
“One of the best things about real estate is there are a million different ways to be successful, but it has to feel right to you.”⁣
“I always have a conversation with them about their lifestyle --- what do you want in terms of lifestyle? So I can really pinpoint where they're headed or where they want to go, or what's the ...
“If I do the duplicatable activities that are going to get me to the result that I want every single day, five days a week for two hours, if you tell me I have to do that to become a ...
real estate podcast, live video streaming “Using free tools like Facebook Live is a great way to market what you're doing and it doesn't cost you anything but your time!”
"You can train yourself to see that everything has content. And if you really think about it, the questions that your clients are asking you, other people are probably going to ...
“They wouldn't communicate or they would just ignore you. They would communicate late or they were rude. And I was just like, ‘There's gotta be a better way!’"
“One of the pillars that we teach is who do you have a heart to serve?”
“I’ve never felt that change is bad. I always look to the positive side and think that change is good. You just have to be ready to turn on a dime.”
“I happened to talk to my former television agent and he said, ‘I don’t know why you aren’t doing videos about Boise.”
“Fear of rejection, I feel, hinders a lot of real estate agents because they don't want to put themselves out there. When in this business, that's  the number one thing you have to do — ...
“The only thing that makes somebody buy something is if they're emotionally connected to it, that's it. There's no other way to make somebody buy anything.”
“It was actually a transaction that my dad went through that made me look at the real estate industry.”
“I just have that "no-fail attitude." I still keep that attitude today, that no matter what, I'm not going to fail! If the market crashes, I'm going to figure out what I need to do in the ...
“If you’re good, people will refer business to you all the time. By being ethical, by being honest, by being hard-working, by being the expert.”
SEO “A lot of the things you used to do to gain ranking on Google if you did that now you would be dead in the water.”
“Everything that I do, I want to be the best. You have to be the pillar of your community. You have to be one of those agents that new agents can reach out to.”
“If you're sitting at home watching Netflix, nothing's going to happen.”
“You're your only ceiling. There's not a lot of opportunity like that and real estate is definitely one of them.”
“If you’re the one that can turn them from being a failure, to being a success and put them in that first home, they’re going to send everybody that they know your way.”
“No one is making a half-a-million-dollar decision with someone they just found on the internet.”
“I just thought, ‘Well, gosh, someone's getting 3% to just do nothing?’ And I just didn't think that that was the way it should be.
“Nobody really fails out of the business too often because they're not a contracts professor, but they do fail out because they can't get their hands on the business.”
“Statistics will tell you that if you're a specialist, you make over double what you do as a generalist, whether you're in residential or commercial.”
“You have to listen for those key little things.”
“I plan my life and then use real estate as a way to fund that life.”
“I really took that time to build a bond and build that virtual network with the agents.”
“For Sales By Owner is one of the best listing leads you can get out there, but it costs like $50 to $100 a month just to get the list.”
“Agents stay where they're at or they leave where they're at because of the leader there.”
“I'm a big believer that way too many real estate salespeople try and advertise before they learn how to be a salesperson.”
“In the beginning, we pretty much had no idea what we were doing.”
"I like to kind of personalize every experience… when I take a client on, I'm all in.”
“March is when I kind of broke off by myself…I was worried real estate was going to slow down a little bit.”
“One of the biggest things that I see when I've gone to houses that are getting ready for sale is that the space plan is just really not there.”
“The mistake that a lot of agents make is they say, ‘Well, I'm going to start with my neighborhood because I live here.’”
“With Instagram being such a broad horizon I can reach an unlimited amount of people.”
“It doesn’t come overnight. You’ve got to climb the ladder from the bottom.”
"You have to grow and evolve. Change is an important part of success. If you don't do it, somebody else will and you're out."
"When people panic you’ve got to take that opportunity and figure out what you're going to do. And that for us, we doubled down.
“I think it's interesting that people say it is important to specialize… there's something to be said, at least in my case that I’ve got a taste for every aspect of real estate.”
“It’s living art in my opinion. I am very blessed to live amongst them.”
"Leaning in gives me a narrow focus on what it is that I want to do."
“If you don't give up, I promise you, it'll work out for you.”
“I began straight off the bat with two deals and I was really happy…”
"It's a requirement for our brokerage that you have three transactions with a mentor before you really can be out there on your own when you're a new agent."
“I never got over making cold calls. I don't do it.”
“We are a public, forefront business… You should be getting a lot of business from referrals.”
“A lot of agents have this idea that if the client comes in and they can’t buy, they just get their information and put them to the side. I don't do that.”
"I get a lot of people, other real agents saying it's not gonna work. You know what has happened? It has made me basically a celebrity in the community."
"I was going from a $1 to $3 million a year agent…  up to a $12 to $15 million working my sphere of influence and not buying leads."
"What's neat about a virtual showing is that I look at the property as if I'm going to live there, because those people who are not physically here rely on my expertise, my ...
"I've had folks that have just been crying at closing, because they're so happy to have this burden off their back."
"I'd rather you decide that you don't like me on the front end or you don't like my numbers and not hire me. Then I tell you a number and a month from now you fire me because ...
"There's a difference between being an influencer and being influential. An influencer is someone that is portraying their life, but not a lot of people can relate to them."