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Episode 1: Madison Reeves Explains Her Social Media strategy

"There's a difference between being an influencer and being influential. An influencer is someone that is portraying their life, but not a lot of people can relate to them."

When COVID-19 first took hold of the United States in Spring 2020, Madison Reeves, a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Black Hills, South Dakota, had been licensed less than one year. While she could have backed down from her new path and declared it not the ideal time for a drastic career change, she instead rose to the occasion and embraced the challenges head on. 

In our interview with Madison, we discussed her ability to power through the pandemic and how she’s built a strategic connection with her online followers.

In this episode, we talk about...

01:24 - Who is Madison Reeves?

02:39 - Impacts of COVID19 on her real estate business?

03:50 - What has Madison done to build her personal brand as a new agent?

04:33 - Understanding Social Media and the need to have a strong presence.

06:00 - The difference between being an “Influencer” and being “influential”.

07:19 - How do you become an “influential person.”

09:42 - Catering to specific platforms and audiences when posting to social media.

10:46 - How much pre-planning and scheduling goes into Madison’s social media posting?

11:59 - What type of content is in the weekly email blast?

14:39 - Not getting wrapped up in the stats of your content marketing.

16:06 - What does Madison use to send her weekly emails?

19:26 - Try to stay as authentic as possible with social media posts.

Topics: instagram, social media, content marketing