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Episode 11: Breaking Back Into Real Estate After Unexpected Life Changes

“I began straight off the bat with two deals and I was really happy…”

For brand new agent Daniela Walker, things were going great but then an unexpected life change in 2017 forced her to put the brakes on a budding real estate career.

Now, she is restarting that career and joined us for Episode 11 of The Smart Agents Podcast.

“I'm adjusting as I go, and I really didn't have any habits created from before.”

Throughout our conversation, Daniela talks about the methods she is using to break back into the business. From focusing on social media to creating her “perfect client” avatar, she has a fantastic plan to make the next year a great success.


In this episode, we talk about...

1:22 Who is Daniela Walker?

2:18 An Unexpected Life Change Puts The Breaks On Her Real Estate Career

4:28 Transitioning Back Into Real Estate After Time Away

9:45 Goal Planning For Future Success

12:25 How Does Daniela Decide Where To Focus Her Energy?

17:00 Truly Helping Each Client And Avoiding The Transactional Agent Stigma

Topics: referrals, planning, new agent