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Episode 12: Never Giving Up Puts Frank On The Path To Success

“If you don't give up, I promise you, it'll work out for you.”

Five years into his real estate career, Frank, a Tennessee-based agent did not have an easy start. We share part one of our conversion in Episode 12 of The Smart Agents Podcast.

“Full transparency, I have felonies in my background back from like 1999.”

Not only is Frank now a successful agent, he is also teaching co-workers his methods for building a successful referral-based business.

“People around you are either buying and selling or want to buy and sell. And they're doing it with other people because you don't want to be the person that's like bugging family and friends for business.”

See part two of our conversation with Frank in Episode 13!


In this episode, we talk about...

1:13 Who is Frank Butler?

3:34 Focusing On Referrals Puts Frank On The Path To Success

5:30 Not Being Afraid To Ask Friends And Family For Business

8:00 Giving Top Rate Service To Keep Referrals Coming In

11:48 Being Aware Of Your Social Media Presence To Not Hurt Your Brand

Topics: referrals, new agent