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Episode 14- Kate Adams-1

Episode 14: Kate Explains Her Passion For Architectural Real Estate

“It’s living art in my opinion. I am very blessed to live amongst them.”

From an early age, Pasadena-based agent Kate Adams was exposed to amazing architecture from the likes of Wallace Neff and Buff & Hensman.

“I didn't realize the effect it had on me until I started selling real estate.”

Now, nearly 20 years into her real estate career, Kate explains to us in Episode 14 of The Smart Agents Podcast all about selling these one-of-a-kind homes.

“I think it’s really just learning the inventory, learning the styles, learning about the architects and doing as much research as possible.”

Part two of our conversation centers on what Kate views as the “next big thing” for home construction.

“I love prefabs. I think that people don't understand what a prefab is in today's modern world.”



In this episode, we talk about...

1:09 Who Is Kate Adams

1:54 Growing Up Around Famous Residential Architecture

4:43 Working As A Real Estate Agent With Historic Architecture

8:45 Kate Explains Her Interest In Prefabricated Homes

10:04 Not All Pre-fabs Are Alike

11:45 Do You Think There Is Enough Interest In Prefabricated Homes?

15:00 Kate Talks About How Important It Is To Have a True Passion For The Industry

Topics: real estate