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Episode 15: Adapting To Market Trends Leads To Declan's Success

“I think it's interesting that people say it is important to specialize… there's something to be said, at least in my case that I’ve got a taste for every aspect of real estate.”

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Declan O’Toole has found tremendous success growing his Boston, Mass business over the past two decades. 

Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity"

From property management to luxury real estate, Declan has relied on adapting to market trends.

“Within three months, I had 52 listings.”

Throughout Episode 15 of The Smart Agents Podcast you will hear all about how he has positioned himself to dominate multiple branches of the industry.



In this episode, we talk about...

1:24 Who Is Declan O’Toole

4:30 Breaking Into Property Management

5:30 Starting His Own Company

13:51 Capitalizing On Every Opportunity

15:22 Tips For Agents Wanting To Break Into Commercial/Multi-unit Real Estate

19:40 Tips For Staying Organized

21:53 Outsourcing Tasks To Free Up Time

27:54 Declan’s Outlook For The Foreclosure Market

30:00 How Can Residential Agents Prepare For A Market Shift With More Foreclosures

Topics: real estate, broker, Podcast