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Episode 16: With Decades In The Industry Marc Continues To Adapt

"When people panic you’ve got to take that opportunity and figure out what you're going to do. And that for us, we doubled down.

Episode 16 of The Smart Agents Podcast features a conversation with Marc Cormier.

With decades in the industry, the Washington DC-based agent would not allow the pandemic to derail his business.

“You start learning new stuff and you say, ‘Okay, what do I have to do to survive?’ Because failure's not an option.”

Whether it be building relationships with attorneys, embracing Youtube video creation or expanding his business to include professional home staging, Marc leaves no stone unturned.


In this episode, we talk about...

1:20 - Who Is Marc Cormier

3:30 - Not Panicking During Early Stages Of COVID-19 Pandemic

5:30 - Decision To Start Creating Youtube Content

7:50 - Starting A Professional Staging Company

10:15 - How To Work With Clients To Understand Why Staging Is Needed

12:30 - “You Hired Me To Sell Your House For Top Dollar.”

16:30 - Working In The Probate Listing Niche

20:00 - Making Connects With Local Attorneys

22:20 - Maintaining Integrity In Order To Keep Your Brand Intact

Topics: referrals, staging, brand image, attorney, Podcast, youtube