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Episode 17: Coming Off A Huge Year, Rose Explains What Sets Her Apart

"You have to grow and evolve. Change is an important part of success. If you don't do it, somebody else will and you're out."

With over three decades of experience as a real estate professional, Rose Sklar is coming off her most successful year yet.

“In October of this year, I closed $12 Million in my market, in one month… some people do that in one year."

Episode 17 of The Smart Agents Podcast features part one of our conversation with the Florida-based agent.

“Real estate is simple, but it's not easy. It requires grit and hustle.”

Check out part two of our conversation with Rose in Episode 18!


In this episode, we talk about...

1:25 Who Is Rose Sklar

4:14 You Have To Be Willing To Grow And Evolve

6:38 Bringing Invaluable Experience To Every Deal

7:40 Creating One Of A Kind Experiences When Listing Luxury Properties

9:40 The Importance Of Having A Consistent Theme With All Marketing Material

11:06 Tips For Getting Your Marketing Emails Opened

13:12 Creating A Content Heavy Website And Becoming The Community Expert

18:49 Using The Facebook Shop Feature To Showcase Listings

20:45 Understanding Your Buyer Pool To Be Serve Their Needs

22:47 The Importance Of Setting Boundaries To Avoid Burnout

23:43 Handling Objection And High Stress Situations

26:13 How To Separate Business And Family Time When Working With Family

28:46 Remaining Top Of Mind With Past Clients Through COVID Pandemic

30:42 Don’t Get Upset If A Lead Chooses Another Agent

Topics: email marketing, Marketing and Advertising, objections, real estate, broker, Podcast