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Episode 18: Rose Gives Her Tips For The Luxury Real Estate Niche

“It doesn’t come overnight. You’ve got to climb the ladder from the bottom.”

Episode 18 of The Smart Agents Podcast features part two of our conversion with Florida-based agent Rose Sklar, and this time, she breaks down her tips for listing luxury real estate.

“They expect a level of service… and they need a lot more feedback.”

One of the first steps Rose suggests for someone looking to break into the luxury market is to find an experienced agent to partner with on your first high-end listing.

“Instead of losing it, call a luxury agent in your area and split it with them and learn from them.”

Check out part one of our conversation with Rose in Episode 17!


In this episode, we talk about...

1:17 What Separates Luxury Listings From The Rest?

5:05 Dealing With Bigger The Bigger Personalities

7:32 The Difference In Marketing Timelines When Dealing With High-End Listings

10:11 Becoming More Organized To Increase Productivity

12:43 Becoming Uncomfortable In Order To Grow



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