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Episode 20: Master Your Market With Geographic Farming

“The mistake that a lot of agents make is they say, ‘Well, I'm going to start with my neighborhood because I live here.’”

Episode 20 of The Smart Agents Podcast features our conversation with Ryan Smith, Founder of Launchyourfarm.com. Drawing on his past experience, Ryan has created a series of educational courses to help agents perfect their geographic farming strategies. 

“The reason I see most agents fail when it comes to farming is they go too big and they try to reach more people and they ended up burning their budget.”

By budget, Ryan is not talking strictly financial. While money is the biggest thing to consider when developing your marketing plan, he says you must consider your time and energy budget as well.

“The energy budget is the thing that a lot of people skip over, which is, is this going to suck the energy out of me? Is this going to suck the life out of me?”

Whether you are a brand new agent or a thirty-year vet, you are not going to want to miss Ryan’s tips.

Plus, for our listeners only, Ryan is offering 20% off of his course. Check out the episode to see how you can claim this offer


In this episode, we talk about...

1:39 How Ryan Smith Got His Start In Real Estate?

3:47 When Did Ryan Start Focusing On Geographic Farming?

4:55 The Struggles Of Breaking In To A New Market

5:50 Top Three Things Agents Need To Do When Moving To A New Market

8:28 Adding Value To Your Database

10:06 Things Agents Can Do To Help Their Community While Establishing Themselves As A Market Expert

12:18 Using Social Media To Engrain Yourself Into A Community

14:13 Explaining The SCOPE Method

15:50 What Is Launchyourfarm.com?

19:26 How To Get Started With Geographic Farming?

20:38 Understanding The Amount Of Resources You Have To Put Toward Marketing

23:04 Where To Find Ryan’s Courses

23:35 Why Did Ryan Gravitate Towards Geographic Farming?


Topics: Marketing and Advertising, Podcast, geographic farming