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Episode 22: After A Record 2020, Michael Shares His Tips For Success

“March is when I kind of broke off by myself…I was worried real estate was going to slow down a little bit.”

Who can forget it? March 13th, 2020, COVID19 was declared a national emergency. For Michael Friedman, he had just set out on his own after five years in the real estate industry

“I really just hit the ground running. I really had the best year I've ever had last year.”

Episode 22 of The Smart Agents Podcast features our conversation with the Tampa-based agent and he shares how focusing on past clients and growing his referral pipeline lead to his banner year.

Michael has put an emphasis on collecting client reviews and testimonials.

“Word of mouth is the best free marketing you can get. That's why I say that a five-star review is literally the biggest gift you can give me.”



In this episode, we talk about...

1:17 Who Is Michael Friedman?

3:40 Starting His Own Business Just As Pandemic Struck

4:43 How Does Michael Stay Top Of Mind With Past Clients?

6:40 What Was Learned When Branching Out Of His Own?

8:01 How Michael Secures A Consistent Flow Of Client Testimonials

10:03 The Value Positive Reviews

11:35 Being Authentic On Social Media

12:36 The Importance Of Asking For Reviews

13:45 What Does Michael Attribute His 2020 Success Too?

15:11 Adapting To The Virtual Word With Video Home Showings

17:10 How Michael Plans To Continue His Success Into 2021


Topics: reviews, realtor, success story, referral business