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Episode 23: Alice Shares Her Tips For Small Town Real Estate Success

"I like to kind of personalize every experience… when I take a client on, I'm all in.”

Episode 23 of The Smart Agents Podcast features our conversation with Alice Rinaldo. Born and raised in the town of Oneida, NY, Alice knows there is no need to be a pushy salesperson in her market.

“I try to keep things very personal… I'm very active in our community.”

Rather than elaborate marketing campaigns, she focuses her time and energy on building personal relationships and presenting herself as the community expert.

In this episode, we talk about...

1:15 Who Is Alice Rinaldo?

2:33 Focusing On Community Involvement Rather Than Marketing

6:06 Relationship Building

9:16 Adapting Throughout 2020

10:48 How Alice Schedules Her Day

12:13 Not Having Hurt Feeling When You Know Everyone In Town

14:06 What The Market Conditions Have Been Like

17:55 Preparing For Future Market Shifts

18:40 Being Real On Social Media


Topics: referrals, realtor