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Episode 25: Andrew On How His Team Earned Over $250 Million In 2020

“I'm a big believer that way too many real estate salespeople try and advertise before they learn how to be a salesperson.”

Coming off a year that saw $250 Million in volume, Andrew Duncan, Founder and CEO of The Duncan Duo, shared how he has grown his team into the success it is today.

“Invest in your education and become a master salesperson before you start trying to make it rain.”

Episode 25 of The Smart Agents Podcast features our conversation with the Tampa-based real estate professional.

“My goal was, each time I introduce a new lead generation strategy I want to master it before introducing another one.”

One of Andrew’s most successful marketing strategies has been his involvement with local radio advertising. Not only does he run spots on multiple stations, he recently hosted his 500th weekly real estate radio show.

In this episode, we talk about...

1:23 Who Is Andrew Duncan And The Duncan Duo?

3:30 How The Company Grew To More Than $250 In Volume

5:12 Breaking Into Radio Advertising

9:12 Recruiting New Agents To The Team

11:09 Distributing Content To Multiple Platforms

12:15 Partnership With The Tampa Bay Lightning

18:12 "You Must Be Involved With Your Advertising Partners"

20:08 Marketing Tips For New Agents

22:39 Focus On Becoming A Better Salesperson

24:15 "New Agents Need To Look For Brokers That Invest In Training"

25:39 Importance Of Having A Nest Egg


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