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Episode 26: Continued Agent Education Fuels This Brokerages Growth

“Agents stay where they're at or they leave where they're at because of the leader there.”

Just five years into restarting his real estate career, Phil Duke Jr. has built a brokerage of more than forty agents.

“They stay with you because they think you're the leader that I can get them to the next level.”

Episode 26 of The Smart Agents Podcast features our conversation with the Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based broker. Throughout our conversation, we talk about how he has grown his business and his emphasis on the continued education of his agents.

“We are very hands on with all our agents until they've closed their first three transactions. We do our Monday morning mastermind and then on Thursday nights, I'll hop on and do a webinar.”

In this episode, we talk about...

1:16 Who Is Phil Duke Jr.?

5:59 How Military Experience Helped Build His Brokerage

8:30 Any Apprehension To Starting Your Own Team?

10:45 What Were You Looking For In The People You Were Adding To The Team?

13:40 Building The Training Playbook

16:30 Continued Education Offered To Agents On Staff

21:12 What Are The Future Goals?

24:20 Communication With Teams Members

28:30 #1 Tip You Would Give An Agent Getting Into The Industry?


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