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Episode 28: Joanna Grows Her Referral Base By Building A Virtual Team

“I really took that time to build a bond and build that virtual network with the agents.”

Episode 28 of The Smart Agents Podcast features South Florida-based agent, Joanna Levin.

As the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning, Joanna knew she couldn’t sit back and wait to see what would happen.

With much of her business coming from buyers relocating to Florida, Joanna began reaching out to fellow agents around the country to help fill her buyer pipeline.

“I just would like their photos on Instagram or just reach out to them… And it became more relationship building than transactional.”

In this episode, we talk about...

1:27 Who Is Joanna Levin?

2:53 Impacts and Adapting To COVID19 Pandemic

4:21 Building A Virtual Network Of Fellow Agents

6:45 How Did Joanna Reach Out To These Fellow Agents?

8:17 Handling Home Showings For Relocating Buyers

9:24 Being The Market Expert To Help Relocating Buyers Get What They Really Want

11:41 Working With And Sharing Information With Fellow Realtors


Topics: social media, Lead Generation, referral partner, Podcast, relocation