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Episode 29: Earn Six-Figures And Work Just Six Hours A Day

“I plan my life and then use real estate as a way to fund that life.”

Episode 29 of The Smart Agents Podcast Waylon Chavez of Albuquerque, New Mexico. After entering the real estate industry back in 2006 and building a successful career, Waylon has turned his focus to coaching agents to achieve the lifestyle they aspire to have.

“What I want to do is help people plan, create and live their desired life.”

One of the methods Waylon teaches is how focusing on meaningful business activities significantly cuts down on the hours needed to achieve your desired income.

“How much time is being wasted? Do we really need eight and twelve hour days? Could everything be done if we were doing the dollar productive activities?”

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In this episode, we talk about...

1:25 Who Is Waylon Chavez?

3:42 Making The Jump To Starting Your Own Business

5:22 Coaching and Accountability Became Key To Success

7:17 Now Focusing On Coaching Fellow Real Estate Professionals

8:25 Creating The Career To Fund The Lifestyle You Want

9:42 How To Begin Goal Planning To Achieve The Life You Want

11:30 Breaking Through Everyday Obstacles To Achieve Goals

13:55 Waylon Explains His Coaching Technique

16:20 Realistically Setting Goal Timelines

17:14 Creating The 6-Hour Work Day

24:48 Adapting The Coaching To Real Estate Business Growth

26:06 Avoiding The Phrase "I Can’t"

27:10 Waylon Shares Success Stories From His Coaching

29:18 Where To Find Waylon’s Coaching


Topics: goals, yearly goals, Lead Generation, Podcast, coaching