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Episode 3: Bob Thompson On Short Sale And Foreclosure Listings

"I've had folks that have just been crying at closing, because they're so happy to have this burden off their back."

Episode 3 of The Smart Agents Podcast features part two of our conversation with Bob Thompson of Hampton Roads, VA. A big part of the 16 year real estate veteran's business comes from short sale and foreclosures. Due to his no-nonsense approach to real estate, explained in Episode 2, Bob is uniquely qualified to handle the intricacies of the difficult niche.

"They need somebody to come in and answer the questions and not to definitely go 'Well, what do you want to do?' You need somebody to alpha up in there and go, 'This is what we're going to do.'"

Along with his approach for list short sales and foreclosures, Bob shares his tips for agents looking to break into the niche.


In this episode, we talk about...

01:17 - Why did he get into the short sale and foreclosure business?

02:24 - What does 2021 and beyond look like for short sale and foreclosures?

03:45 - How Bob is preparing for a wave of short sale and foreclosure listings.

05:20 - Using the downtime early in the pandemic to get extra training and certificates.

05:55 - Advice Bob would give agents wanting to break into the short sale and foreclosure niches.

08:26 - Investing in yourself to grow you business.

09:55 - Dealing with the nuances of short sales and foreclosures.

Topics: foreclosures, short sale