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Episode 30: The Content You Share Could Change A Life

“You have to listen for those key little things.”

Episode 30 of The Smart Agents Podcast features Connecticut-based Vinny Valentino. After a long career in the entertainment industry, Vinny jumped into real estate five years ago.

“Going back to my dad, one of the things that I always watched him do was handshake deals, talking to people, very personable.”

Learning those lessons while working for the family business has been invaluable and he now shares how he is using that previous experience to build connections with clients.

Giving people that follow you on Instagram, content like valuable information is key. They know I'm showing homes. That's what I do. But behind the scenes, like how everything works, what the market's doing... stuff like that. It just shows that you're personable. It shows that you're committed.”

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In this episode, we talk about...

1:23 Who Is Vinny Valentino?

2:45 Adapting To Life With COVID in 2020

3:59 Adapting Existing Technologies To Real Estate Use

4:55 What Has The Market In Connecticut Been Like?

6:11 Drawing On Previous Experience To More Easily Form Client Connections

8:05 Creating Authentic Content

11:05 Creating Content Without Fancy Gear

12:31 Upleveling Instagram Content With Tools Provided Through The Platform

13:52 Know What Type and When To Post Content

14:52 Growing Your Social Media Following

16:32 Choosing The Right Content To Boost On Instagram

18:35 Setting Himself Up For A Strong 2021


Topics: Marketing and Advertising, instagram, social media, Podcast, content marketing