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Episode 31: Greg Shares His Tips For Setting Yourself Up For Success

“Statistics will tell you that if you're a specialist, you make over double what you do as a generalist, whether you're in residential or commercial.”

Episode 31 of The Smart Agents Podcast features Greg Schenk, CEO of The Schenk Company. With thirty-four years of commercial real estate experience, twenty-five of those owning his own firm, Greg has a wealth of knowledge to share and that is what he is most passionate about today.

“The key is to find a good mentor coach. A big reason I got into coaching, training and mentoring is because I do have a burning desire to give people that foundation.”

Whether you are just breaking into the industry or getting to the point of growing your own brokerage, Greg's tips can be applied to all facets of your business.

"A lot of people just aimlessly wander through life, take what's thrown at them and don't have written goals. So if you don't know where you're going to go, you're never going to get there”

In this episode, we talk about...

1:20 Greg Schenk Introduction

5:05 Importance Of Working For A Brokerage That Focuses On Continued Education

7:30 How To Find Your Niche

11:35 How To Properly Vet A Company Before Decided To Join It

19:48 How To Prepare For A Downturn In The Real Estate Market

23:15 The Importance Of Staying Current And Studying Market Trends


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