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Episode 32: Brent Turner's Secret For Building A Successful Brokerage

“Nobody really fails out of the business too often because they're not a contracts professor, but they do fail out because they can't get their hands on the business.”

Episode 32 of The Smart Agents Podcast features Brent Turner of California-based Turner Real Estate. With over twenty years as a broker/owner, Brent shares how he has built his winning team.

“All agents should get a chance.”

In addition to his real estate career, Brent has also been heavily involved in the entertainment industry. He shares how qualities gained in that part of his life has carried over to real estate.

“I don't suffer shyness with people… I would encourage young agents to be that way and take it a little lighter and mix it up with the consumers.”

In this episode, we talk about...

1:24 Brent Turner Introduction

4:32 Starting His Own Brokerage

5:35 Building His Team Through Education Of New Agents

7:13 Brent Explains The Onboarding Of New Agents

9:34 What He Is Looking For When Adding A New Agent To The Team

12:53 Staying Active As An Agent While Managing The Business

14:00 Involvement In Eco-Friendly Real Estate Practices

16:19 Drawing On People Skills Acquired In The Music Industry



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