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Episode 34: Sam Eligwe On Launching And Building A Top Real Estate Team

“No one is making a half-a-million-dollar decision with someone they just found on the internet.”

Episode 34 of The Smart Agents Podcast features Sam Eligwe, who recently launched his own team after ten year in the real estate industry. 

“I felt like, ‘Why not? Why not start my own thing? Why not venture off and give my sphere of influence confidence in who they can use for the foreseeable future?’"

Based in the Washington DC area, he shared how he has been able to fill his business pipeline without having to spend money on online advertising.

“My marketing guy was like, ‘You don't really need to do it. You get so much engagement from your social media.’

For Sam, a big part of his success comes down to being authentic in everything he does.

“I think the personal aspect is key because when people know who you are when things come up, they know how you're going to react.”


In this episode, we talk about...

1:10  How Is Sam Eligwe?

2:30 Decision To Start His Own Team

4:05 Any Apprehension Starting His Team Mid-Pandemic?

5:18 How Did Sam Get Started Creating Content?

8:34 Why Focus On The Behind The Scenes Content?

11:16 Learning Not To Dwell On The Lost Lead

12:53 Where Sam Focused With Marketing Efforts

16:10 Not Needing To Pay For Leads

18:00 Understanding The Amount Of Business You Can Handle

19:23 What Has The Local Market Been Like?

21:23 Setting Himself Up For Future Success

23:07 Advice He Would Give To New Agents

25:18 Why The Zillows Will Never Replace Agents


Topics: social media, broker, success, Podcast, content marketing