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Episode 35: Tips For Realtors Working With Unqualified Buyers

“If you’re the one that can turn them from being a failure, to being a success and put them in that first home, they’re going to send everybody that they know your way.”

Undoubtedly, if you’ve spent any time in residential real estate, you have come across hopeful homebuyers in less than ideal financial situations.

Episode 35 of The Smart Agents Podcast features our conversation with St. Louis-based attorney and President of Phoenix Credit Consultants, Charlie Scanlon. With a passion for helping people recover from financial and personal hardships, Charlie shares how those in the real estate industry can earn life-long clients. 

“The first part of the process is to encourage them, to take a look at the report and see what's actually there. People are, especially if they got bad credit, they're hesitant to do that. So, the realtor can help them to pull the bandaid off.”

While working with this group of clients takes more time to see the final payoff, forming relationships with attorneys like Charlie cements you as the home buyers go-to-agent.

“When the people are done, I send them back to the realtor and I send them back with rave reviews for the realtor.”


In this episode, we talk about...

1:35 Who Is Charlie Scanlon

3:23 How Does Charlie Form Professional Relationships?

4:55 What Is The Process For Getting A Clients Finances Repaired?

7:35 Big Changes To Financial Repair Due To Pandemic

10:10 The Benefit Of Being The Agent Willing To Help Clients Repair Their Finances

12:20 How Much Time/Money Does It Take To Repair Ones Credit?

13:40 The Importance Of Forming Professional Relationships

17:00 Tips For Agents Looking To Build Relationships With Attorneys

20:43 How To Get In Contact With Charlie

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