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Episode 37: Time Spent Promoting Your Real Estate Business Is Never Wasted

“If you're sitting at home watching Netflix, nothing's going to happen.”

Episode 37 of The Smart Agents Podcast features Mitch Drew, who after a long career in television advertising entered the real estate industry in Western Canada. 

“Just make sure that every single day you're doing some work, some days you might do more work than others.”

Drawing on his understanding of marketing, Mitch knows that while the results of each avenue of marketing might not be immediately visible, it’s the cumulative effect that fills his pipeline. 

If I go spend a couple of hours a week doing door hangers, I'll meet probably 10 or 15 people. Who knows where that's going to go in a year and a half.”

Whether it be those door hangers, social media  advertising or even bus stop benches, Mitch explains how he is growing his business during our conversation.


In this episode, we talk about...

1:27 Mitch Drew Introduction

2:50 How Mitch Generates Real Estate Leads

5:00 Scheduling Out Your Sphere Of Influence Communication

7:22 Varying Your Social Media Content Depending On The Platform

10:58 Real Estate Is A Collaborative Business

12:42 Marketing To Bring In Fresh Leads To His Sphere

16:41 Breaking Down The Math To Making $200,00 A Year

18:22 Measuring Marketing Success

Topics: Marketing and Advertising, real esate, realtors, tips, success, Podcast