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Episode 38: 3x ICON Agent Award Winner Shares Her Success Story

“Everything that I do, I want to be the best. You have to be the pillar of your community. You have to be one of those agents that new agents can reach out to.”

Episode 38 of The Smart Agents Podcast features our conversation with Cincinnati-based Holly Maloney. As a three-time ICON Agent Award Winner with EXP she says that after 17 years in the industry, 98% of her business comes from referrals.

“So many people are buying leads and these leads don't care about you. If you don't call them back in two minutes, they're going to go on to the next agent and the next agent and the next agent. They might be a one-and-done person. They're not going to be loyal to you.”

A big reason why her clients continue to refer business her way is because of how connected she is in the community. You can find Holly on various boards from the state level all the way down to the local community level.

“You need to know what's going on in communities. I don't want to sell anybody, anything at their expense... I want it to be a business investment.”


In this episode, we talk about...

01:18 Holly Maloney Introduction

03:02 Being Involved In Community Organizations

6:45 Having The Drive To Be The Best

7:41 Adapting To The Pandemic

9:16 What Is The Experience Clients Get When Working With Holly?

10:53 How Is Her Team Structured?

12:36 Giving Back By Mentoring New Agents

15:41 Any Worry About The Market At The Beginning Of Pandemic?

18:29 Working With Clients Relocating To Her Area

21:02 One Tip For New Agents To Jumpstart Their Career

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