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Episode 39: Realtor SEO Tips- Rank Your Website Online

“A lot of the things you used to do to gain ranking on Google if you did that now you would be dead in the water.”

Chris Audette is a master of website optimization and Real Estate SEO, topping search results with his https://www.real-estate.ca/. The Calgary-based real estate professional joined us for Episode 39 of The Smart Agents Podcast to share his top tips for getting your real estate website ranked at the top of Google Search.

“Those top-three results are really where you want to be… First page results don’t really mean anything because that number 10 spot will get maybe 1 out 100 searches and the number one spot is going to get probably 95 out of 100.”

As Google’s algorithm has changed over time, Chris says gaining mentions or backlinks to useful content on your website is one of the most powerful tools for climbing the rankings.

“If you’ve got a link to your site with CNN saying this is a great website to search for Calgary real estate, you're going to do very well."

When it comes to optimizing the text within your website, Chris says you want to be a descriptive as possible and avoid one key mistake.

"A lot of people wonder why they don't even rank under their own name, but they never mention their name on their website. So how is Google supposed to know who you are?"

For more examples of Chris's top-ranking websites check out https://www.calgary-real-estate.com/altadore.php


In this episode, we talk about...

1:34 Chris Audette Introduction

3:25 The Importance Of Ranking At The Top Of Google Search

5:17 Top Tips For Getting A Real Estate Website Ranked

7:40 Advice On Keyword Optimization

12:43 Best Places To Find The Right Keywords

16:20 Creating Content To Boost SEO

18:34 Tips For Converting Leads Into Sales

26:34 Where To Find Chris’s Websites

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