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Episode 4: Lisa Jones Shares Tips For Virtual Home Showings

"What's neat about a virtual showing is that I look at the property as if I'm going to live there, because those people who are not physically here rely on my expertise, my eye."

Episode 4 of The Smart Agents Podcast features our conversation with Florida-based agent, Lisa Jones. While the ongoing COVID19 pandemic has certainly changed the way realtors around the world have been able to work, for Lisa virtual showings are nothing to be afraid of.

"You know, we've been on technology for so long, you know how to interact with the little white light on your computer. It's no different from being on a FaceTime or Skype with a family member. You just want to make sure that you're looking for what the client needs."

Throughout our conversation, Lisa shared her tips for conducting flawless virtual showing and her love for the industry. It's all about meeting the clients needs for Lisa and providing the best service possible.

"It's cool to be involved in people's lives and see them achieve their dreams."


In this episode, we talk about...

1:11 - Who Is Lisa Jones?

2:28 - Using technology to work with out of town buyers.

3:24 - Tips for better virtual home showings.

7:24 - Practice virtual home showings ahead of time.

8:10 - Upleveling emails with video.

9:26 - Learning to adapt to the new normal.

11:12 - How to attract out of town clients.

12:39 - Working with agents in your market rather than competing.

16:02 - Sharing past investment experience with new home buyers.

Topics: tech-savvy, virtual home showing, relocation