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Episode 40: Becoming The First Lady Of Beverly Hills Real Estate

“If you’re good, people will refer business to you all the time. By being ethical, by being honest, by being hard-working, by being the expert.”

Selling ultra-high-end properties in one of the most exclusive markets in the country, Myra Nourmand of Nourmand & Associates is now known as “The First Lady of Beverly Hills Real Estate”.

“I started before computers, before MLS, before Iphones, before fax machines, before emails. I started with basic hard work and then honed my skills because today the world is very different.”

Myra joins us for Episode 40 of The Smart Agents Podcast to share how her tireless work ethic and passion for giving her clients the best possible experience have led to her success.

“My model is what's old is new again. I know people like to text and email. I like to present my own offers in person.”

Check out Myra's book, From Homemaker to Breadwinner here!


In this episode, we talk about...

1:22 Becoming The First Lady Of Beverly Hills Real Estate

16:17 Staying On Top In A Competitive Market

17:17 There Are No Shortcuts To Success

19:51 Luxury Listing Tips

22:47 Building A Family Business and Training New Agents

26:01 Adapting Throughout The Pandemic

30:00 Myra’s Number One Tip For Brand New Agents

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