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Episode 42: Maritza Finds Her "Why" In Real Estate

“It was actually a transaction that my dad went through that made me look at the real estate industry.”

Inspiration can come in many ways and for Maritza Williams seeing the care one agent gave her father put her on the path to where she is today.

“The agent that we had was very patient, diligent, and just wanted to make sure that we were well-educated on how the process goes.”

Episode 42 of The Smart Agents Podcast features our conversation with the California-based agent who left a career in massage therapy to make a name for herself in the real estate industry. With the mentorship of that same agent who worked with her dad, Maritza is now into her second year as a full-time realtor.

“The longer you wait to pursue your dreams or just reaching out to a mentor, you're prolonging your growth and your development.”


In this episode, we talk about...

1:25 Maritza Introduction

4:13 Making Real Estate A Full-Time Career

5:19 What Has The Success Been Like In Her First Two Years

6:33 Dealing With The Stress Of Being A Real Estate Agent

8:45 Finding Her Balance

10:13 How She Segments Her Sphere

12:02 Managing Buyer Expectations In The 2021 Market

14:02 Dealing With Pandemic Restrictions

15:22 Importance Of Having A Mentor

16:33 What Does The Rest Of 2021 Look Like For Maritza?

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