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Episode 47: Making Real Estate Real Easy With REEZY

“One of the pillars that we teach is who do you have a heart to serve?”

Based in the Washington DC area Reezy.net founders, Lynnea Garrett and Naima Akida have deep family ties to the real estate industry. They joined Episode 47 of The Smart Agents Podcast to talk all about The Reezy Method. 

“We have taken the two things that we do to create a process, a system for agents to help them lower the amount of transactions that they do per month, but increase the amount of income without chasing tire kickers”

With a slogan of Real Estate Real Easy, the pair aims to help agents better market themselves and develop processes for more efficient lead generation.

Where to find REEZY

Website: https://www.reezy.net/

In this episode, we talk about...

1:14 Lynnea Garrett and Naima Akida Introduction

4:54 What Prompted The Creation Of REEZY

6:36 Creating Successful Follow Up

8:19 Social Media Marketing For Real Estate Agents

11:37 Attracting The Clients You Want To Work With

15:52 Knowing Your Comfort Zone and Building Partnerships

17:56 Creating Business From Past Clients

19:31 Where To Find REEZY Online

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