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Episode 5: Be The Only Agent Your Past Clients Refer

"I was going from a $1 to $3 million a year agent…  up to a $12 to $15 million working my sphere of influence and not buying leads."

Episode 5 of The Smart Agents Podcast features Chad Bishop, a Florida-based agent who blew up his business by focusing on his referral base. 

“I was realizing that every lead that I was converting was almost costing me $500, $600. When I realized that if I talked to people… and be at the top of their mind, it was costing me $5 to $20 a lead going through my sphere of influence.”

Throughout our conversation, Chad shares his system for staying top of mind with his sphere. Everything from nightly note writing to pop-by’s, Chad holds nothing back.

While the pandemic has certainly changed some plans, Chad is gearing up for one of his most successful strategies, Thanksgiving Pie Delivery.


In this episode, we talk about...

01:23 - Who Is Chad Bishop?

3:29 - What made Chad decide to focus on building his referral base?

6:24 - Chad explains the unique things he does for past clients.

10:53 - Writing five hand-written notes a night keeps Chad top of mind.

12:13 - Organization is key to building a strong sphere of influence.

13:31 - Building his team to grow the business.

Topics: refferals, sphere of influence