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Episode 51: Tina Shares Her Tips For Building A Powerhouse Real Estate Team

“If I do the duplicatable activities that are going to get me to the result that I want every single day, five days a week for two hours, if you tell me I have to do that to become a millionaire, I'm just going to do it.”

Episode 51 of The Smart Agents Podcast
features our conversation with Tina Caul of the Cary, North Carolina-based Caul Group. After uprooting from Michigan ten years ago, Tina had to break into a brand new market and has done it in a big way.

“Last year, we had 11 agents, we sold 370 homes. This year, we have 22 agents and we're tracking for 500 deals this year.”

Throughout our conversation, Tina shares how overcoming fear, focusing on having multiple streams of income and how consistent prospecting has led to such enormous growth of her business.

“Prospecting cures every production problem, every problem. There is no one that can tell me today that, ‘Oh well, the market's too good. There are none of those people out there.’ That's not true. There's still a huge group of us that do this activity every day and get massive results from it.”

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In this episode, we talk about...

1:25 Tina Caul Introduction

4:17 Turning To Continued Education To Grow Her Business

5:50 Taking On Public Speaking In 2019

9:36 Making A New For Herself In A New Market

11:58 Building A Business Through Prospecting

15:22 Training New Agents To Get Over Fears Of Cold-Calling

17:01 Building A Powerhouse Team

19:41 Focusing On Multiple Streams Of Income

22:45 Advice For New Agents

Topics: cold calling, inteview, prospecting, realtors, broker, Podcast