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Episode 53: Amit Takes Video Marketing To The Next Level

“One of the best things about real estate is there are a million different ways to be successful, but it has to feel right to you.”⁣

Episode of The Smart Agents Podcast features Miami-based Amit Bhuta, who after entering real estate in 2004 tried every trick of the trade to bring in business. From cold-calling expired to working his sphere of friends and family, he did it.⁣

“I did a bunch of stuff that I hated to do. I got good at it, but I didn't like to do it.⁣”

Ten years into his career, inspiration finally struck and Amit completely shifted gears.

“I started consuming a lot of content on the internet, on TV, and there was some stuff that resonated with me… Make it consumer-focused.”⁣

So, he decided to invest big in video production and started creating unique content that resonated with his target audience.⁣

“I tell our team that we want to be looked at like the people that you would want to hang out with Friday and Saturday; maybe go to a restaurant, and then on Sunday look for their $15 million-dollar home and feel like they're with friends doing it.”

Throughout our conversation, Amit shares how this journey into video production has renewed his passion for the industry and led to unbelievable success.⁣

To see the video content the All In Miami Group is producing, check out their Youtube Page here!

In this episode, we talk about...

1:19 Amit Bhuta Introduction

2:26 Breaking Into Real Estate After A Career In Car Sales

3:22 How Amit Came To Find Video Content As A Way To Prospect For Business

6:25 Creating Content That Potential Clients Can Relate To

7:36 Going All-In On Video Production

9:06 Building The All In Miami Group

13:20 What Was The Reaction To His Content Production?

15:34 Gaining Clients From Video Content

18:39 Tips For Brainstorming Content Creation

21:17 Making Your Real Estate Content Relatable

24:28 Tips For Distributing Content

27:17 Finding A Renewed Passion For The Real Estate Industry

Topics: inteview, Marketing and Advertising, realtors, success story, Podcast, content marketing, video marketing